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Birthday blues and hues | Monday, January 07, 2008

That's today's dose of Garfield strip. The 1st thing I do every morning after logging onto net is checking the Garfield feed. Today being a somewhat special day for me, thought of starting the post with it. Let's get rolling.

1 Year Back

January 7, 2007. Somehow the most wonderful B'day I ever had. And probably the most cherished day of my life. That was the 1st time when I went to a movie with a girl. :$ Well, not really girlfriend and it wasn't a date. It was SS, that Best Friend. And, it wasn't just two of us. Couple of other friends were on my tail. Actually the plan was for just two of us, but then I roped in the other two friends. I didn't want to freak her out. I'm not sure what the hell I was thinkin. :#

[ Continued in Full Post ]

The day was riddled with some more mess ups. We didn't get the tickets at Inox, so had to settle for Rex. Then CCD and Barista was house full. So, had to grab our cuppa coffee from 'Nescafe' outlet. McDonald's was canceled. :@ Anyways, even amidst all these blunders - the pretty little walks n talks are most memorable. Sometimes it seems many years have passed since that day. And sometimes, it seems to be just yesterday's story. What makes it more special is the fact that it's not gonna happen ever again. :k There can't be another '1st Time'. And, now that SS has moved to USA, there won't be a 'walk n talk'.

More Flashback

I remember my childhood B'days. Every morning after my B'days, I used to get up very early to see my gifts. Once I got a toy machine-gun. Another year, it was a wrist watch. I was so childish then to tell point blank - "Dad, this is a ladies watch." :( In my early teen, when I had my 1st crush, I called her up on my B'day to hear some nice words from her. :$ I never revealed my B'day in college [except for very close friends] fearing the 'birthday bumps' which is an ass kicking 'ritual'. So, the wishes I received on my B'day were always low. I really didn't care about that. All I cared about was that one call from Sowmya. Every B'day, I used to wait for her call. She used to call just out of courtsey - but who cared. I was blind. 4th n last year of college - we had a 'break-up'. So, no call from her. But that was compensated by Sneha bhabi's call. That was a funny day. And the '07 th was the most memorable as I told in last chapter.

Orkut Blues

Orkut was voted the 'Youth Icon 2007' and very aptly so. Nothing has gripped the nation as amazingly as Orkut. [mmm, maybe except for cellphones]. There's never a day when I don't check my scrapbook. [mmmm, :p except for weekends when I usually don't have net access]. One very useful feature of this Orkut was the B'day notifier. Even if you forget your friends' B'day, it's displayed on your homepage. So, you save yourself from the embarrassing 'Sorry I forgot / missed' situation. Orkut was a real helper in this regard.

But today, I'm a little angry on this same feature. Whenever someone is wishing me 'Happy Birthday' - I can't help thinking - did they really remember my B'day or did they saw it on Orkut? Surely more n more wishes are pouring in, thnx to Orkut. I love receiving calls n msgs n stuff. So, not complaining about Orkut there. But the feeling of - 'did they really remember?' is a spoil sport. :(

Maybe I'm being a little hypocrite. Orkut B'day notification is good when it aids me and is bad when it helps others on my B'day....!! That's not fare, is it? I myself can't remember all my friends' B'days. But I do try to catch up with these. Like the last time I posted this B'day Countdown and this one. And they are not just my 'near n dear' friends. Some of them are just acquaintances. Still, I just try to make their B'day a little more special for them in my own little way. And, the word here is not Orkut.

Early Wishes

1st call I received was from Sis - dot at midnight. Bro missed. Got call from home this morning. Another call at night was from Rajan. SS did call this morning. That was a pleasant surprise. My 1st international call. :) I thought she might've forgot. But she didn't. Talked to her after almost half a year. Orkut scrapbook is seeing a constant flow of 'wish' scraps at regular interval. Ria sent a lovely mail - where she wrote a poem for me. So nice. And oh, Sneha called. She couldn't keep her promise on New Year's. But she did manage to call this time.

The Lunch

This was a big disappointment. All but one of my friends in office are in night shift today. So, the grand lunch party was ruled out. And the only one in office preferred to lunch with DC gang. Well, he isn't aware of my B'day. Probably he hasn't logged into Orkut till now. But what difference does it make? He preferred my enemy over me. Great B'day gift, huh?

I had my lunch alone @ nearby Krishna Cafe. And what a lunch it was. When I asked for the menu, the waiter looked at me in such a way as if I've violated his religion. I had to settle for shitty south Indian meal. That too, at double the usual cost. Crap.

Rest of Office-Time

Rest of the day in office was pretty gloomy. Nothing much to do and nothing special happened. Around snack-time, the 'news' broke in the team, via Orkut. That's when some team-mates wished me 'happy Birthday'. Nothing much after that. Am now just wrapping up work here. Will fetch a cake on my way home. A little party at home.

Rest of the Day

I couldn't fetch a cake on my way back home. But my room-mates managed to find one. I had ordered pizzas for everyone. So, there was a little cake-cutting ceremony, followed by pizza hogging. Got a nice snazzy diary as a gift, a very apt gift for me. If you donno, I write diary since my school days. They are a real stress buster and your closest friend when U really need a shoulder. U can say - this blog is my online diary. :)

Anyways, we then watched 'Evan Almighty'; so-so movie. Sneha had sent some beautiful msgs, to wish me for the last time for the day. A big party is waiting this weekend, when all my friends will be free. For the time being, that was the wrap-up of my B'day.

Sum it all up

So, all in all, how was the day? If numbers are anything to go by, this year I received the most number of wishes. But still there's a hollow feeling. Didn't get a call from dad. :( And even Ria was offline whole day. Couldn't reach her even for a second. :k Didn't have her number, else I would've called her. And most of the day I was gloomy. So, to sum it all up, it wasn't that good a B'day. '07 is still the best.

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  • Blogger miffy says:
    Wed Jan 09, 09:33:00 PM  

    :D Have a great weekend, part and all.Even I told A about the first only time that we met last year and all that we did.My aim was to call you on mid night.But then I was so sick that I just forgot.

    Have a great year ahead.

    PS:Figured out how to comment finally!!!!! top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Thu Jan 10, 10:59:00 AM  

    on an average, how many times have you been in love?? i might sound harsh, but what i fail to understand is..how on earth ,each and every person you know (especially women, i absolutely don't mean to hurt you here..)is so very special to you...try and think on this... top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Thu Jan 10, 03:15:00 PM  

    @Miffy - :x :) :o Go figure. :p

    @ Ria -
    I've been in love some 3 times. Are you of the idea that 'once u fall in love in life' ...?? ;)
    And, not every person is special to me. Only those who are real close to me, are special.
    You're trying to say that I'm falling in love with every girl I know ...?? That's very atrocious view. :@ If I'm comfortable with a girl, share everything with her and deem her special - U'll rule that I'm in love....!! That way I guess U'll say I'm in love with you as well. :p top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Fri Jan 11, 10:30:00 AM  

    nopes...i wont do that..i never say this to any guy..chill..and yes..i nvr said that you fall in love with every girl you know... top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Fri Jan 11, 10:32:00 AM  

    most importantly wht i forget to mention is...i dont expect any guy or precisely i dont want any guy to fall for me.. top



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