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How safe is your office? | Friday, September 07, 2007

Last week, there was this poll on the homepage of our company's intranet - "DO you think the security at Ness Towers is sufficient to avert a terrorist attack?". 46% nessians responded positively, which is quite alarming to me. 'Coz what I experienced yesterday, was totally inappropriate as far as security is concerned.

Yesterday we had a farewell of one of our team mates. So, we three people went out to get some gift and sweets for her. When we returned, we were carrying two huge carry bags; one having the gift and the other having the eatables. We didn't attract a single raised eye brow from security personals at the gate, leave alone the bags being checked or being questioned. Once we were inside, we joked about how easy it is to carry a bomb inside. It was just any other joke - cracked, laughed at n forgotten. But later it got me thinking.

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Really how easy it is to carry a bomb inside a corporate house.
  • If the security doesn't check you because you have 'ID cards' - that's a big flaw. Anybody knows how easily one can get a fake card in India.
  • If they don't check you 'coz they know you in person or by face - even that is not professional behavior. Terrorists don't drop from sky. They could be anyone among us. There's nothing to feel offended at this. I'm not branding your company as nurturing ground of terrorists. What I'm saying is security personals shouldn't turn a blind eye on anyone.
  • Even if some known face [to the security] is not directly involved in such activities, they can be compelled/forced to carry out the operation. Taking family hostage or any such pressure is sufficient for someone to succumb. Now, if someone feels that this possibility is 'too filmy' - then lemme tell u that films are not just wild imaginations of film-makers.
Now, if someone feels that "Our office is not that high profile location, and thus won't be targeted by terrorists"; I'll just say 'Why take the chance'? We people just don't believe that something could happen to us, as if we were born just to live a stir-less life. Everything good - is happening to someone else, every bad news - involves someone else. Why don't we realize someday we could be that someone?

Now that the security at all the high-profile areas is expected to be top-notch, terrorists will obviously target some soft target, which priorly won't attract much attention. Their primary motive is to cause huge massacre. And if that involves techies in silicon valley, what more could they want? If your office building is in a residential area or is surrounded by other company buildings, the area is bustling with IT people; then U should know this could be a target. We better be prepared.

Metal detector scans are of no use. No one's gonna try to wreck havoc with a knife. I'm not sure how bombs or RDX is detected. So, not sure about the feasibility of the proper system installation. The least I expect is any big package to be inspected, thoroughly. Or security experts would know better what to do.

Now, this inspection thing might irritate some people. I hope we become a little more tolerant and respect the greater concern. It's for your own safe being. Would you prefer disturbance of checking for few seconds or being the victim of another Hyderabad kind of incident?

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  • Blogger Balanarayan says:
    Sun Sep 09, 02:33:00 PM  

    I am from Bangalore Mirror
    Found your post on security quite interesting... I wanted to know if I could use this post for Blog Talk section in our paper. Please do send me your permission to nt.balanarayan at gmail.com top



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