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Newly in Love - again | Saturday, March 29, 2008

He was newly in love. It wasn't a new feeling for him. He's been in and out of love before. Some 3 - 4 times. They say 'ones u fall in love in life'. He laughed at that. Love is not as rare as it is made out to be. Just let your heart be, and it'll find love in no time. That's what he found, time and again. And every time he is in love, it's never 'oh again' same old feeling. It's always like being in love for the first time. Pehla Nasha - all over again.

And this time, there was something special. He was in love with this lady, who was obviously elder than him. He didn't know how much and he didn't care. He was 24. She might be somewhere near her 30's. But 'oh so beautiful' she was. It's not that he hasn't seen a beautiful lady like her before. But he felt a connection with her. U see, whenever he was at his desk, she was too [at her desk]. And whenever they crossed paths, never did they miss that 'eye contact of a whole second'. And what a moment that always is...!! He always waited for that single second, when he can look into her eyes and get lost. He saw depth of oceans in those eyes, vastness of blue sky in those eyes. And for fraction of seconds - he saw himself in those eyes.

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Or maybe he just imagined. 'Coz at times he felt that those eyes were accusing him of staring at her. He knew that the charge was true but he couldn't help it. Everyday he'd go and sit at the last cube from where he can watch her walk almost all the way to her cube. The grace and attitude with which she carried herself, always made him want her even more. That's another moment he'd cherish always - like a recurring dream. At his desk, he'd suddenly feel that "she's here". He looks left and there she is - walking towards him in great strides. For a second there, they look eye in eye. He'd hastly look away, not wanting to offend her. But in his mind, he'd crave for a second glimpse. And in his mind, he does look back at her. There he's still looking into her eyes, gliding his gaze all over her frame and feeling her getting closer every moment. He snaps out of this when she takes a left turn towards her cube and he's no longer able to see her. He wishes someday this will change. Someday, she'd take a few more steps - towards him. Come real close and whisper in his ears - if nothing else, at least - "Why were you staring at me?".

He wanted to tell her that he has a huge crush on her. He wished he'd go upto her desk, tap her shoulder, face her, look her deep in the eyes [omg] and say - "Errmmmm, this might sound crazy, but the thing is - I've got this huge crush on you and I just wanted you to know". He used to imagine how she'd react. For moment there, she'd be speechless - staring at his face. Pin drop silence. Then she'd giggle and say "Awwwwww, that's so cute... but I'm already ..." Possibly she's already dating somebody or is married. In any case, she was way out of his league. He knew she'd outright reject him and would possibly make fun of him in front of others. But he didn't cared about the humiliation. He just wanted her to know. But there was another hurdle. It wasn't some college. He was in a corporate office and if she feels offended, it can spell doom for his career. And that's a risk he can't afford. This is where his fairy-tale love story collides with the hard world reality and he decides to keep it to himself.

He creates a dream land of his own, where two of them are together and no one else. They are walking on the white-sand beach, embracing each other, overlooking the sunset. A cool breeze is blowing all over. Mmmmmm; she smells soooo good. She shivers a little. The white sand is tickling their bare feet, and every now and then, the waves are lapping it up. She suddenly spans around and looks at him in that half-hug embrace. She brings her perfect lips close to his. Then they sharply change track and she gently blows a small puff of air in his ear. He hears the ocean roaring in his ears and a chill runs down his spine. He looks at her and she looks exactly the same as she looked the 1st day. Or even better. She has the perfect body. As if every curve, every inch of her structure was chiseled by god himself. Her whole face is glowing in the ending daylight, sun rays are skidding off her smooth skin. Her nose tip is more red than the setting sun. Did he just see it quiver? Or was it her wet lips, with glittering dew drops strewn across it. Those are saying something, inviting him. Everything is so enchanted. He slowly leaned forward. Their breaths collided and then lips touched. He felt at heaven instantly. The intimacy wasn't about sex. It was love-making. He understood the difference for the 1st time. He wanted to make love to her with all his heart n soul. Till the end of times.
Love on the beach

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