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Couple of childhood memories | Saturday, March 01, 2008

For couple of days now, we've been facing acute water shortage in our locality. So much so that even restaurants are having water shortage. Waking up every morning and finding that there's no water to take bath n stuff is royal pain, I tell u. That mineral water can is our only hope now a days. This morning was no different. Except for the fact that I didn't have office today. So, was in bed till late afternoon. Thankfully, there was water at my friend's place. Took my lunch outside. And saw 'Next' afterwards.

Got hold of this laptop and net then. Was just checking my orkut scraps when suddenly a friend pinged on GTalk. Now, catching up with this friend is really difficult as our times never match. Today it did, thank god, when I'm not supposed to be online. Anyways, we eventually talked about our past; how we faced hardship and stuff. Our talk ended on a incomplete note maybe. 'Coz I've been loitering in the past since then.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

I didn't want to think about what we already talked about. Past broken loves are always painful. I was already senti after listening to the story. So, I was skipping 'love' part of my past. Let's think about some silly stuff.

Ok, here's one. I remember the monitoring system in my school. Some students were given the duty to maintain order in class in the absence of teachers. That is, in between different periods. The selection was held once every month democratically. I was always a good boy in class and was never interested in monitoring. Once I was named among the miscreants who were making noise in class. The teacher had said "I've got a complain for the following students'. That elated me. Back then, I didn't know the meaning of 'complain'. It sounded to me like 'complan'. That was the most favorite energy drink [like horlicks, boost etc] those days. So, I thought I'm gonna receive some appreciation. :D silly me. I was given extra home-work that day.

After that incident, I wanted to be a monitor myself. So, on next election - I stood up. A new rule was enacted. If a candidate doesn't secure atleast 10 votes, he'll have to attend PT classes on weekends. PT classes were soooo tiring, everybody would do anything to skip them on weekdays. Attending PT on weekend was morethan punishment. Anyways, I still stood my ground. By the end of the polling - I had secured almost 65% votes. And, girls side had a large contribution in it. I was the 'hot favorite' there. :$

No kiddin. I was a bit shy of girls those days. I really didn't understand what is it between boys and girls. Love, crush all those words were not known to me. In fact, I used to hate girls. The way they were always given special treatment used to piss me off. And there was this girl who was always following me like a shadow. Friends used to tell me 'She wants to marry U. Her parents met your parents last that day'. Now, U might now that kids feel humiliated and get cocooned when they are jokingly told about their marriage. So was I. I used to freak out on her sight. Every time she smiled at me, it felt devilish. As if she's one of those bad witches from the stories.

Then, one fine day while playing 'con n cop', she collided with me. Heads bumped, blood on knees; moreover, she cramped her ankle. I was red faced. First of all, all others were laughing. Humiliating. Add to that, she said 'sorry'. She had tears in her eyes but was still smiling a bit. I still remember her face at that moment very clearly. I thought she is crying to gather some sympathy from bystanders and blame it on me. That's why she's smiling under her breath. What the hell?? I lost my cool, completely. Scolded her black n blue in front of everybody. Told her to stop following me around and leave me alone. There was pin drop silence. And then her eyes burst into tears. She ran. Now all were really blaming me, for making a girl cry. Her 'plan' had succeeded. 'Ohhh, I hate girls'. I went to the principal and made a complain against her. How she always 'tortured me' and how she collided with me on purpose, to hurt me. Both of our parents were called in. Her parents were burning me with their gaze. As if they were gonna roast me alive for hurting their little angel. 'Good. Now they won't try to marry us off'. Victory. :D

That's what I thought then. Guess I missed onto the greatest thing. By the time I had understood the 'love' n 'crush' formula - it was too late. She had never forgotten that day's humiliation. Never talked to me ever since. Later on, she grew up to be the hottest chick in town. Guess she had cursed me that day. I never landed a steady relationship. My Bad.

Anyways, let's call it a wrap here. I've been watching 'Prison Break' lately. Seen some 6 - 7 episodes of season 1. I have complete Season 1 and 2. Can't wait to finish them. So, lemme get back to it. U have a great weekend. And pray for me, so that we get back water tomorrow. Ciao.

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