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Gals love spoilt Playboys | Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yesterday I came across this post on Melody's Blog. It's about whether the "Love @ 1st sight" is real. Read lotsa interesting comments and views there. Expressed my views on this. And later, thought of reviving the following post in this context. I had posted it long back in June '06. But later withdrew it from my blog and saved it as draft. But now am reposting it here. Go through this and lemme know what U think of it.

Gals love spoilt playboyz

Believe it or not, that's true. And its not something from Ripley's series; it's a hard core proved fact, I guess many will agree. And it's not an immature guy, babbling it out. I'm writing based on my years of experience.

To make it illustratious from the very beginning, let me tell you the story of my room-mate, Aki (All names are changed). He's currently having fun with his 3 girlfriends (all of them aware of the others) and roping in a 4th one. This 4th one is new gal on the block and doesn't know much 'bout him. So, lemme keep her out of story for some time and concentrate on the rest 3.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

First one is Preety. Well, she is no less than Aki either, character wise. She's big time man-eater herself. Dated more than half of the hot shots of our batch and made out with at least a dozen. No one could hold onto her for more than half of a month. Only exception being her latest date - our Aki. It's being said now that she's finally serious for a steady relationship. But look - with whome..? All her past dates .... all they were madly in love with her but she never gave their feelings a damn, broke their hearts and fluttered to the next Victim when they were of no more use - physically or anyways. But now, she's serious about Aki and wants to marry him. But for our Aki - knowing all 'bout her past affairs - she's nothing more than a wh**e. He gives us vivid description of his 'quality time' with her and makes fun of her. It seems quite evident sometimes that she knows all these, but still she clings onto him.

Before preety, Aki was dating her friend Sweetu. She's a nice and friendly gal. She was aware of Aki's flamboyant image but still proposed him thinking 'my love will change him'. ( caution gals, that never happens). So, Aki took good care of this opportunity and they started seeing each other. Every alternate night, she slept with him and soon became entirely caught in the web. Then one fine day, Preety got interested in Aki and he shifted to the new babe. Sweetu was so shocked to realize that her best friend stole her boyfriend. But still she kept nagging Aki - 'feel my luv' - kind of emotions. When we were shifting our base from college at the end of our college term, she came to the station to see him off and pleaded 'give me one more chance'; while all others were laughing at her.

But before all these happened, there was this gal named Rehana. Honestly, I don't know much 'bout the kind and depth of relationship they had. All I know is that one day she got to know all about him, so he broke up with her. But Rehana still calls him up at least ten times a day. Aki abuses her verbally with each and every word she speaks, all in our presence with cell speaker on. But she never gives up. No matter how much he bad-mouths her, she calls up every day. She acts so pathetic, yaar; she acts like a slave, with no self respect. I wonder what Aki did to her that forces her to stoop to such level everyday.

Aki has shifted his base from Bangalore to another metro of India. Roping in another gal. The point I'm trying to convey here is that gals are not 'satisfied' with a nice n sober guy. They find spoilt and 'Macho' guy - who gives the world 'a damn', and 'f**k the law' is whose mantra, much more dependable.

yes girls do fall in love at first sight. not with you but your wallet.

They think they will provide them greater security as others won't mess with this guy - and evidently they have lotsa money which they can spend on her. And being the girlfriend of the 'Hot' guy gives them a high. So, there's no 'Dil ka mamla' as far as love of a girl is concerned. All they care about is bank balance and hotness quotient. As Dilawar puts it - "girls do fall in love at first sight. not with you but your wallet."

Lemme know what you think of this. And do you believe in Love @ 1st sight? Leave your comments. And cast your opinion on the poll on the left side.

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  • Blogger Shruthi says:
    Fri Aug 31, 08:42:00 AM  

    I dont think so, not all girls will think so.., anyhow atleast the girls who knows what a life is..
    As per i know girls see character of a men.
    Most of girls like Family oriented guys...
    And girls usually like the guys who respect the women, and she will see the careness in his eyes as i belive top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Fri Aug 31, 11:38:00 AM  

    I dnt understand, how love at first sight is possible! Not for me at least that too with a BAD guy! A strict no no for me. And yes my friend … all girls are not same ….money is not the only important thing on earth … infact a decent and loving guy is preferred . but yes I do agree wth you … bad guys do give high to some gals and yes their money too … !! top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Tue Sep 18, 05:53:00 PM  

    Hmm, seems like it happens to all in college days. Actually it all starts at puberty and ends when people realize that its not cool any more, and start thinking what they actually want...in life.

    PS: the sex part is natural, you love it as much as she does so what the F**K top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Fri Nov 13, 02:17:00 AM  

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Sun Feb 21, 02:36:00 PM  

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
    And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :) top



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