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Guy n Gal : Can they be just friends? | Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can a guy and a gal ever be just friends? This is an eternal question in the minds of Indian people. Whenever you see a guy and a gal together, the first thing that comes on your mind is - 'they must be seeing each other'. As if there is no other possible relation between Hum Tum. How far are these assumption justified?

I have several female friends but in contrast to the popular belief, they are not all my girlfriends. With them around, I never have that 'one thing' in mind. I didn't bond with them just 'coz they are beautiful or attractive. In fact, I haven't even seen couple of my closest female friends. We are just chat buddies and yet we share such a lovely comfort level. Moreover, I'm more comfortable with them than anyone else.

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Now, that does attract a lot of raised-eyebrows. 'Dude, why do you give her so much importance? Is something brewing?' What a bunch of idiots. It's just biological that I'm more open with girls. I mean, every person on earth is more comfortable with the opposite sex. Among pals of same gender, there's always a barrier, some sort of uneasiness. At some level, they are your competitor. You feel insecure. But with the opposite gender, there's no such hassle. You're always more caring and gentle towards the opposite sex. When you are down and need someone to be beside you, it's them who'll give you more comfort.

Lemme give one case. A guy can't cry in front of another guy 'coz that's considered lame among guys. But he can cry his heart out in the presence of his female friend, 'coz she won't look down upon him for this. Instead, she will lend him a shoulder. Now, who's supposed to be closer to you? One who joins you when you're happy or the one who's beside you when you're sad? Obviously it's the latter.

Similarly, when a girl really needs some advice or help, can she really depend on another girl? Being totally honest, girls dislike helping each other. Even best of friends think twice before helping the other. There's always some jealousy burning between any two girls. But it's just the opposite with guys. Girls can always look upto a guy friend for help or advice. Helping 'damsel in distress' is like top priority for most guys. And as they say - 'A friend in need is a friend indeed'.

There's really a very very thin line between friendship and love. They often change into each other and are indistinguishable. I mean, picture this. There's someone with whom you are most comfortable. You want to share everything under the sun with him / her. There comes a time when your days seem incomplete if you can't talk to him / her. What's that? Of course you love your friend. What's a relationship where there's no love? But are you in love with your friend? I mean, the love which prompts you to get married. Can you spend your life with this friend? Of Course. But are you thinking about marriage? No. It's really very complicated but you don't give it much thought. All that matters is that you are happy with your friend.

Maybe I donno what's love and what's friendship. For me, they are literally inseparable. Listen to this - "She's my friend but I don't love her" or "I love him but he's not my friend". Sounds funny / uncanny, huh? My gal friends are more close to me than guys. Some people think of it as my weakness; that I wear my heart on my sleeves. I can't help but pray for them.

Lemme know about your views on this matter. Leave a comment.

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