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Battle of Kruger : Lion vs Crocodile vs Calf | Thursday, August 09, 2007

A herd of water buffaloes is meandering in a South African game reserve, unaware of a pride of lions lying in wait to ambush. When the herd gets within range, the lions spring into action.

The buffalo herd scatters. A lone calf is isolated from the herd and is sent crashing into the nearby river. About four or five lions start dragging the calf out of the river while it is kicking and screaming.

Suddenly, a pair of crocodiles appear and start pulling the calf back into the river. A furious tug of war ensues between the crocodiles and the lions for the calf. The lions win, and drag the calf ashore.

Just when they are licking their lips for a good meal, the buffalo herd regroups, responding to the bleating of the calf. They attack the lions. One ferocious buffalo gores a lion with his horns and sends him flying into the air. The other lions scatter.

Soon, the so-called kings of the jungle are in complete disarray and are running helter-skelter, chased by the buffalo soldiers.

Meanwhile, the calf has struggled to its feet and has rejoined the herd. The law of the jungle has been upturned; the pride of lions dented.

Looks like a tight script of some Hollywood adventure movie? Well, it's not. This is how 'ToI' described one of the most popular videos in Internet history. This video was shot by a tourist David Budzinski on a safari. He used his ordinary handicam to capture this amazing turn of events which he witnessed by chance. Later he uploaded this video on YouTube. Since it was first uploaded in June this year, it has been viewed more than 7 million times, making it one of the most popular videos in internet history. And now it is regarded among the finest wildlife footage ever shot. See the video below -

[ Continued in Full Post ]

The video was shot in September 2004 by amateur David Budzinski, who says he barely knew how to operate the camcorder and used it perhaps once a year. But so stunning was the 8-and-half-minute footage that National Geographic has bought the rights of this video. They plan to make a documentary on it. Heard discovery has already featured this video on their channel but am not sure about it. Do look out for NGC version.

Meanwhile lemme know how do u like this video. Specially, what's the first thought that comes to your mind after you finish watching it. Click 'Leave a Reply' below.

Footnote: [quoting ToI] The safari guide who was with Budzinski and his group subsequently scoured the area looking for the herd with the calf. He reported not finding any carcass, and it is presumed the calf survived. As for the Kings of the Jungle, they are presumed to be licking their wounded pride.
News and photo courtesy : Times of India

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