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Jade Raymond Is HOT | Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jade Raymond
Yeah, that is what I came across when I opened the latest 'Digit : Gaming' issue; 'Jade Raymond is HOT'. I had quit reading Digit last year around the same time. Bought it last Friday when I was at Landmark with a friend, just to re-kindle old 'flames'. Anyways, while flipping through the pages, I came across this article titled 'Why girls don't like gamers' or something like that. Well, that caught my attention, just as titles like that are supposed to. ;) It was about some new game [Assassin's Creed] launch from Ubisoft. That name itself [ubisoft] is good enough for me to buy the game. Ohhhh, this is why girls don't like gamers; 'coz we forget the chick when the game's ON. Seeeee, I sat down to write about Jade, and now am babbling just about Ubisoft. :p

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Alright, back to Jade. I did a little Google search and found out her Official Unofficial Website. There's her bio, pics, video n stuff. Hmmmm. She looked just 'above average' in the pics. Not that HOT or smokin. So, what was all this fuss about? [Google blog search returns some 10,000 results]. Maybe, it's because she's in gaming industry which is conventionally thought of as Guys' playground. I guess it's like reacting to a lady who suddenly finds herself in Men's loo. Turns out, it was much more than just reaction. There was an explicit cartoon strip of Jade trying to sell the 'Game' using her sexuality. That created a lot of controversy and resulted in Ubisoft suing the forum Something Aweful. That cartoon has been sinse removed from that forum, but it is still doing the rounds of the net and it landed on my PC as well. Some people are calling it 'freedom of expression', some are condemning the strip. Well, I think the strip is of bad taste. Jade certainly doesn't deserve this. Some jerks came up with this idea just to gain attention. To hell with them. :@

Glimpsed at some video interviews that Jade gave for the promotion of the game. Have a look below -

More exclusive videos at VLOG

Jade exudes a lot of enthusiasm and confidence. She's a tight slap on the face of those perverts who think that hardcore gaming is not a gal's cup of coffee. Jade visualized it, produced it and now marketed it so well. Hats off to her.

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