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December : Birthday boys and gals | Friday, November 30, 2007

Alright, it's now the last day of November. Will get the salary by EoD today. Yayy. :D But that is not what I'm writing about. I'm writing about the month of December here. A lot of my colleagues have their B'days in December. So, thought of putting up something for them here. Maybe, a count-down to their B'day. That'd be kool. So, here it is -

Sunitha Shetty

[ HR Manager ]
B'Day : 3rd December

Dare I say, The prettiest HR manager here. :$ Very friendly and always carries a smile on her face. Alright, I deserve some perks and a treat now. :p

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Garima Goyal

[ GET Pool - Chordiant ]
B'Day : 3rd December

New kid on the block. Joined Ness just couple of months back. Dances like crazy, party-rocker, budding painter and good cook. She's also from Rajsthan.

Pankaj Soni

[ SE - Ventyx ]
B'Day : 5th December

Our Angrej. :p The 1st day I saw him, sitting at the coridor, I thought he's some guy from onsite. But, as it turned out, he was the new member in our CM team and he's from MadhyaPradesh.

Neha Arora

[ Assistant Manager - Internal Communication ]
B'Day : 7th December

Possibly the best thing to happen to Ness. It is a fun place to work, thanks to her. She comes up with exciting ideas of events n stuff every now and then and releives us of our stress. Cheers to her.

Shlok Mahipal

[ SE - Ventyx ]
B'Day : 12th December

A friendly person with the most intriguing smile I've come across. Person with a agile mind behind a handsome face who faces any thing (literally) with a smile.

Neeta Ganghria

[ GET Pool ]
B'Day : 19th December

Honestly, I don't really know her. But surely would like to. Saw her at last week's 'Ness Star Hunt', rocking the floor on the tunes of Hey Babyy. Neeta - do call me. :)

Suman Kumar Rai

[ SE Trainee - Ventyx ]
B'Day : 25th December

Possibly the brightest recruit in our team. Got a snap-award in his 1st month itself. Apart from that, very social animal. :p You won't get bored when he's around. Afterall, he's a XMas born. ;)

Alright, that's the list for this month. They'll get one surprise gift from Ness and a greeting from me. :) If you want to wish any or all of them on their birthday, do leave a comment here or mail me. I'll forward your msgs to them. Have a great day.


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