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Boxing : is it a game? | Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Saw some good and some lousy movies these weekend. Best of them was 'Ratatouille'. Pixar animation studios has never disappointed me. Not only their animation is of the highest quality, the storyline is also always good. Anyways, it was couple of other movies that got my attention. Aryan and Apne. WWEBoth these movies revolve around the 'other sports in India' - namely Boxing. Aryan was worthless but Apne reminded me of one old movie on the same lines - Jigar. That was about martial art fighting. After watching these movies, I wonder how can Boxing be called a sport where there's constant possibility of people dieing or getting maimed for life....!!!

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As if only Boxing wasn't enough, there's WWE. People are nothing less than wild beasts there. I really don't know what protections the fighters take before entering the ring or technicality involved in these 'sports'. All I see is one fighter punching the other with all his might, puffed blackened eyes, bloody noses et al. The little biology I've studied tells me that one hard blow just above the ears or on lungs could prove fatal. When so much risk of life is involved - why the hell is it allowed to take place by the govt. And, why the hell is it called a sport? Is there any sporting attitude involved? The fighters are in the ring to kill each other. Have you ever seen a boxing or WWE fight ending with the two sides shaking hands? There's no component of sport here - except for the audience.

Gladiator FightsAudience - that's another thing that baffles me. How can anyone enjoy these fights? You gotta be inhuman to love to watch a man bleed. This reminds me of Gladiator games during Roman times. Slaves were used as Gladiators, pitted against each other, royal soldiers, lions and what not...!!! The game always ended with the Gladiator being killed in the field and all audience hooting at it. Romans have indeed left their legacy behind. Though we don't have gladiators now, we have new forms of the same - Boxing, WWE, BullFights et al. Do they deserve to be called sports? Isn't it a blot on the face of sporting spirit around the world?

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