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This week update | Friday, October 05, 2007

This week I've been busy in shifting my base from a PG to a new 1BHK flat. So, didn't get enough time to write posts. But it didn't mar the happenings at my blog. 'Coz this week I started guest posts on my blog. These and other updates follow -

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g@p v4.1
  • Started this week and month of October as well, with the maiden Guest Post from my best friend Shwetha. Here she describes her new life post marriage. It's a must read for all gals - New shores of Life
  • If you think that you're a great cricket fan, U might have to reconsider that when U read this- Do we really love Cricket?
  • If you wanna know how to blow your own trumpet :p , without being caught in the act - check this - Knowing a Friend

That is all for this week. Check them if you haven't already. Didn't post anything new on other blogs this week.

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Have a great weekend. Take Care.


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