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Girls don't watch cricket ! | Tuesday, September 25, 2007

India won the T20 world cup final yesterday. A huge reason to celebrate of course. Most of us must've bunked classes or offices to watch this match. Those who missed can watch the full Indian innings here.

Anyways, I have a doubt. Girls are not supposed to be sport enthusiasts, leave alone cricket. But a good number of girls were watching the match at our office cafeteria yesterday. So, I'd like to know if the much touted theory of 'girls don't watch cricket' true or not.

Here's the poll. Participate in it only if you've watched the final match of India vs Pakistan yesterday, atleast for 15 overs. Vote on 'Male' if you are male and vote on 'Female' if u r female. Ok, that's spoon feeding, but whatever....

Cast your vote.

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  • Blogger mita says:
    Wed Sep 26, 02:09:00 PM  

    girls definitely watch cricket, we are as enthusiastic as you guys. your blogs are exciting! top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Thu Sep 27, 06:52:00 PM  

    there you go again..guys will be guys..!!!! arreee obviously we watch cricket...n specially when we have young..muaaahhhh team..match was scintillating...wht say..??? top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Fri Nov 23, 08:57:00 PM  

    @ mita : Alright. If you insist, I agree that gals watch cricket; but they are not as enthusiastic as guys. That's for sure. Check my next response to Ria. :p

    And, thanks for the compliments. :)

    @ Ria : Yeah, obviously you watch cricket. But as you just said - for the young - muaaahhhh - guys in the team. ;) who cares about the technicality? :D top



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