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India wins T20 final | Monday, September 24, 2007

I didn't see even a single cricket match after India's early exit from the World Cup this year. The T20 Semi-final with Australia was the fist match that I watched after the World Cup debacle. And what a match it has been. After that, I got a little confidence on this young team - sans Sachin, Sourav et al big names.

And surely I can't shake off the temptation to witness a Indo-Pak match, that too, a T20 world cup final; when the chances of bringing back the cup is so bright. So, started early from home this afternoon so that I can be here on time. [TV at home is out of order and as I'm in night shift this week, hoped to see the final in TV at office cafeteria.]

Won't give you a ball by ball account here. Guess all true Indians must've seen this match without fail. 'Coz those who weren't old enough when India won its first world cup back in '83, today was the D'day. If you missed it for any reason, U can catch the ball by ball action here.

Presenting two videos here. 1st one is the Highlight of Pakistan's innings. This one is shot using my w810i mobile camera. So, is a bit shaky and noisy. Bit U can surely hear the commentary. 2nd one is the video of Team India celebrating with the Trophy. This video is better. Check lots more exclusive videos here. Enjoy the win.


Team India Celebrating

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