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Metro : Portraying women weak? | Monday, September 17, 2007

"Life in a Metro" is undoubtedly one of the best movies of recent times. It doesn't exploit the age-old hit-formula of Bollywood and forays into a daringly different direction. It aptly captures the passion and pathos, pulse and chaos of lives in a metropolis. Anyways, I'm not here to write a review on it as already a lot has been written on it.

Saw Metro for a third time yesterday and this time it got me thinking - how come no women NGO, specially WCD didn't protest against this movie? After all, that's all they do these days. If ladies look at the female characters of this movie closely, they'll see that those characters are depicted to be week-kneed, spineless caricatures. Haven't seen it in that light before, huh ...?

[ Continued in Full Post ]

There's Shilpa Shetty who sacrifices her career to take care of her family post marriage, lives through a breaking marriage, can't accept Shiney as she's a 'PatiBrata Nari'. Towards the climax - she continues to live with KayKay when he returns even though earlier he had deserted her on learning about Shiney. Now com'on - don't say that "That's the real strength of Women. Forgiveness". I see it as weakness. The husband has an extra-marital affair for years, asks for forgiveness when caught, but can't accept her wife straying for a few weeks, deserts her and lives with his muse. But when he returns - dejected - she accepts him. Wow. Why can't she just return him the treatment he bestowed upon her a few days ago, slap him hard across the face and move on? NO. She's an Indian PatiBrata nari. What image does this portray? Men can indulge in adultery anytime they please and get away with it while it's forbidden fruit for women.

If WCD is pleased with my views so far, they are gonna hate me for my next observation. Kangana Ranaut. Sorry to say, but she doesn't generate tiniest sympathy in my heart. Her character was meant to be treated the way she is. 1st of all, she engages an already married man - that too her boss - obviously for professional gains. It's clear as they had agreed at the start that "There won't be any emotional attachments in this relationship". That said, she can't claim that she was in love with him. Their first confrontation scene [after which Kangana attempts suicide] has got some harsh reactions from female viewers, most of them wanting to slap KayKay's character. But I beg to differ. I somehow support KayKay's reaction at that instant, though I loath his actions throughout the movie. He's surely a creep and deserves curses flying his way. But Kangana's character is bigger monster than his. What he said at that moment brings out darker side of Kangana than his. What the hell was she asking him to do? Break his marriage and live with her? KayKay rightfully rejected such possibilities as they didn't set out for that. Then there was this issue of who's using whome? For a moment forget that U have to support your 'sisterhood' and analyze that situation. She wasn't fooled into this. They both were just sharing a physical relationship with no attachments as agreed. If she felt she was being used, why the hell did she consent to it? And, if that's "Use" - then Kangana was using him as much as he was. Moreover, she was enjoying business class flight, perks, out of term promotions et al professional gains. More "Use". So, really - who was using whome?

And plz don't repeat her dialouge "I wouldn't have attempted suicide if money was everything". What...!! What's she trying to say? That she loves him? Baaah. Listen to what one of my site visitors [a gal at that] has got to say about such steps -
gals don't attempt suicide [slice their wrist et al] for the guy..they do it for themselves..
when the guy walks away....the moral of the gal goes down.. the suicide attempt and all has to do with coping with their lost self esteem ..their ego.. they loose their personal worth when they don't manage to get what they want. and then the desperation is not exactly to win back the guy..but to win back the lost self esteem.. u see, it is not abt the guy.. usually girls never like such guys.... its all to do with pleasing their own ego.. girls actually don't care abt such guys.. they just look at it as an opportunity to judge their worth with the opposite sex..
Read more of it here.

Huh. Now that the bitter truth is out, what have u got to say to that? I know most gals won't agree to this but deep down inside, they know this is true. I welcome reader views on this. Lemme know what's your point of view on this. Do drop your comments.

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  • Blogger Nova says:
    Wed Sep 19, 10:13:00 PM  

    Hey I dont think women were shown as weak... I would have been the first person to put it down then... But no...

    Shilpa's character is that of a strong woman. The way she puts up with her husband is not a small deal! It requires guts!!!!! top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Wed Sep 19, 10:44:00 PM  

    @ Nova :
    Oh puh-leez. Putting up with spouse's abuse and forgiving his adultery when he won't, if it were u in his place. That's your idea of strength...?? When will women in India wake up? top



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