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Just few things | Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I wasn't actually gonna write a second time today. But a few little things kept adding up, all through out the day. So, before leaving office for the day, am writing this post to let u know some little things.

1st of all, as I'd predicted, SS didn't let me know before leaving for US. And surprise of surprises, she's already there. I knew the date would be 5th sep, but nope. She's already there. Saw her online on GTalk after a very long time yesterday. Pinged her up. But it was just early morning there and she was busy making breakfast for the couple. so, just exchange of pleasantries. Nothing else. She isn't online today.

Last night, was I upset 'bout it? 'Bout she not calling me up or at least letting me know by any means before leaving? Guess I was. But then, I feel I'm being rudely selfish here. She must've been very busy, what with preponing the 'bidai' n all. Anyways, I had already predicted something like that, didn't I?

[ Continued in Full Post ]

OK, 2nd thing. Last night I designed [redesigned actually] an 'About Me' page for my blogs. The last one was outdated now. So, needed to revamp it with latest infos. The page is now done and is awaiting approval. Actually, I've used background graphics from another site. So, have sent a 'request for approval' mail to them. Once it is approved, U'll get to c it and appreciate it. [ I hope. :) ] Keep a watch here.

3rd news. My this site G@P v4.1 crashed again today. The CSS stylesheet, which is hosted at googlepages was unable to load, again, due to allocated bandwidth cross. Guess this site again got huge traffic, though google analytics didn't show any such surge as of then. Will check it tomorrow. Changed the site template to point to the backup files. Anyways, the main template was up again in an hour. So, everything is back to normal now.

4th news. 3 out of 5 of my blogs had their post count as 25, all on the same day. Didn't see it all day long. Just after posting the final post on Vlog, did I see it. Amazing news, huh? Check the 'Silver Jubilee' posts of these 3 blogs :-

Ok, that'd be all for now. It's too late in office. Catch U tomorrow. Take care.

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  • Blogger miffy says:
    Mon Sep 10, 10:13:00 PM  

    Hey! I'm so sorry. I was busy till the last minute. Visiting relatives, pooja and all. Sorry.

    I will make up for it. top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Tue Sep 11, 12:13:00 PM  

    Miffy...?? Where did you get that from? U know it's meaning? :P

    And, yeah - I'm waiting to see how u'r gonna make up for it. Bring it on. ;) top



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