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Best of August | Friday, August 31, 2007

Finally, August 2007 has come to an end. And what a month it has been. The main reason for which it will be always remembered by me is the wedding of my Best friend SS. In other reason - of course my increased frequency of blog posting. This month I posted something or the other almost everyday - except for the weekends. Even bloggers need a break - what say ...? :)

Anyways, here are the best posts of the August month - from all my 5 blogs. If U've missed any of these, I'll say U'r really missing something. Have a look at them now. And when U r impressed - do leave your comments on these posts.

Best of August 2007

g@p v4.1
This months started with the posting regarding Bangalore BarCamp 4; the biggest event of the year so far. 2 eventful days, so much to learn, so much to share. Had a whole lot of fun there. Check the first person view of the happenings here @ Bangalore BarCamp4.

Next post got highest visits of this month. And why not...?? After all, this is about the highest viewed video on YouTube. The battle between a pride of lions, couple of Crocodiles and a herd of buffaloes - all for the life of a calf. U surely don't wanna miss this one. Battle of Kruger.

And then, of course the biggest event [ for me ] of this month - the wedding of my best friend - SS. On this occasion - I look back at our journey so far which we took together. Just one post was not enough for this. It took me 4 posts. Relax. U won't be bored for a single moment. At the end, all 4 posts are available in combined PDF format for free download. Check My Best Friend's Wedding.

After 50 days of beta testing - this blog - GAP - is finally out of beta and promoted to v4.1 . Check what are all the updates available in this version. Don't lag behind. GAP out of beta.

Last weekend, Hyderabad faced twin Bomb Blasts. Besides regenerating immense hatred for the terrorists, this got me thinking, how safe are we in Bangalore? And with a little argument, I realized the bitter truth. U better be cautious. Read this - How safe is Bangalore?

I had a argument with a friend whether "Love @ 1st sight" is real. Which eventually made me repost this. My argument - Sober boys are BIG NO NO for today's gals. Gals world-over today prefer BAD Boys. Read. I do have my points and experience. See if U can agree with me [ or can disagree with me ]Gals love spoilt playboys.

Besides couple of galleries of Chung-Wah visit, NGV stroll and Night-Shift pics, 2 posts there were the best. Gallery of two most beautiful damsels - which got quite a few visits and appreciations. Check the stunning beauties at these two posts. Damsel : wow and Damsel : Sonu.

Two nice inspirational videos on the occasion of India's 60 years of independence. Happy B'day India.
Listen to the latest chart-buster MP3s from Bollywood, India. Look no further. Latest Best MP3.

The best BEST post for your use this month is this one. U've always feared the security of your photographs in internet. Even if you don't know, someone might be misusing your online photographs. Learn how they are misused and also how to secure them. Learn at Prevent Image Theft.

I combined the feeds of all my 5 blogs and offered it to you, for your convenience. Go through this post to know how to get the most out of this opportunity. All feeds @ Once.

Well, that would be a wrap up of this month. Hope you too had a great month. Catch some more and greater action next month. Don't miss it. Keep yourself updated with my blog feeds.

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