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Happy B'days | Sunday, August 26, 2007

This is after a very long time that I'm posting on a Sunday. Well, today is our HR Suman's B'day, as far as I know. But, today being a Sunday, nobody of office can really wish her. I do have her number, but it feels kind of indecent to call someone up on a weekend. So, lemme do it the way I do best.

Hi Suman, here's wishing U a very very happy B'day.

Only thing missing here is that, I won't get a treat. :(
But anyways, counting on the next one. [Atleast some sweets for the whole team :) ] Next B'day in line is that of Sunitha - our newest HR manager [ I guess ]. Here's counting down to her B'day.

Actually, earlier I thought it's on 3rd sep. But now I got to know that it's on 6th Dec. Quite a long time. Anyways, updated the countdown accordingly.

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