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My Best Friend's Wedding : Part2 | Monday, August 20, 2007

This post is part-2 of my earlier post. U should read that first.
This series will soon be available in PDF format. Watch this space.

By the end of March, SS was ‘interviewing’ AM. I was happy to see that she was out of her depression ‘coz of this guy, for a change. She used to tell me some of the little tid-bits of their chat; and once she was highly blushing while telling me that AM has said “I want the Gemini above” [she being a Gemini]. God she was so cheerful in those days. And on 11th April, she had said YES to AM. This is the piece of chat we had –
SS:well well well. AM had called today.
I told him off that I like him.
I cried also. We spoke for one hour 30 minutes.
Me: great. U happy?
SS:very much. He is coming this month end.
Don’t u want to see him?
Me: donno, honestly.
SS:ok fine

[ Read rest of the chat script in the upcoming PDF version ]
[ Continued in Full Post ]

One dear friend that I got after so long was again going to disappear.

Guess I didn’t respond nicely to her BIG news. That’s when she got this idea that I’m not OK with this event and that I might be in love with her. She kind of expressed this assumption when one day she asked me if I’d create a website for her ‘even after knowing what it’s about'? She wanted me to design a site for her and AM, how they clicked n all. I’d have loved to do that. But the way she asked it – I kind of felt weak. It wasn’t love. I have met her just once and now she was going to be married to someone. So, there was no love as she had presumed. But there was surely this feeling that she’s going away. One dear friend that I got after so long was again going to disappear. That made me kind of hollow and I was in a state of daze. And SS assumed this ‘sadness’ of mine to be my ‘broken heart’.

In those days, she tried to ‘mend my heart’. She was sweet. It was so nice of her that she cared, but bit of disheartening to see that she didn’t understand me. Just before her engagement, she asked me –
SS: u don wanna know about my guy?
Can u make it for engagement?
Me: don think so. Am planning to go to college this Sunday.
SS: how about Tuesday?
Me: sun, mon, tue - 3days I’ll be there.
SS: ok fine
[ 54 minutes’ silence ]
[ Read rest of the chat script in the upcoming PDF version ]
And after the engagement: -
SS: hello how r u? r u angry with me?
Me: Hi. not so good. Why would I be?
SS: u didn’t come for my engagement...!!
Me: I didn't come to office either.
Man, I’m in pain. Back pain.
SS: I still sense that something is wrong.
[ after a long pause ]
[ Read rest of the chat script in the upcoming PDF version ]
And later: -
Me: I guess I’ve got lots to tell U.
SS: temme no. temme I’m here to listen.
Just let it out. U will feel goood.
Me: honestly, I donno what.
Every morning wen I login to GTalk, i check if u r there or not.
I think I'll tell u so many things if u r there.
SS: :) nice. I look forward for u to come online too :)
Tell no. shall I call?
[ Read rest of the chat script in the upcoming PDF version ]

I didn’t tell her anything as of then. Instead wrote a post about it on my blog. 1st few days, she was unaware of it. Later AM pointed this to her. And when she finally read it, she was all so senti about it.
"I just felt like talking to u after reading it."
Towards the eve, she sent a reply mail. Our 1st mail communication since we moved to Bangalore. She had answered to some of my points and countered some. I was just staring @ the screen for some time. She accepted that she did think that I’m in love with her.
“Yes, I thought something like that only. When I told you about my engagement you didn't even ask me any question as though it doesn't matter to you!”
And she had tried to assure me that
“We will always be in touch. I will call you from there. I am always there to listen to you”.
I couldn't reply to it in time due to the disconnection of gmail. was that for good? 'coz she called me up @ 2030hrs and again @ 2100 hrs. she was answering the mail again and was saying "I love him and he loves me more"... and so on. And I didn't feel that bad about it. Talked to her for about 22 mins, most of the time just listening. At the end of it, I was really so happy for her, she made me all smiles.
To be Continued. Read rest of the series here

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