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Indian Idol : For how long? | Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Prashant Tamang. Indian Idol3
Indian Idol. Tempting powerful word - huh? Ever imagined yourself being referred to as that? Forget the 'popular' reality TV show. Being 'Indian Idol' in any context is an overwhelming experience in itself. A whole nation adores you, pampers you and looks upto you. For them, you become a benchmark, someone that they wanna become someday. Idols give dreams to others. But how long are their own dreams sustained before they are disillusioned?

It was the 3rd season of the 'Indian Idol' at the end of which Prashant Tamang of Darjeeling was crowned with the 'much coveted title'. Some recognition through-out India, an album cut from Sony, few public appearances or live concerts and small brand endorsements will follow. But after that? Will he get any further headway? Any playback offers? Will record companies line-up for his albums? Let's look back.

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Abhijit Sawant. Indian Idol 1The 1st season of Indian Idol produced Abhijt Sawant and Amit Sana. Abhijit's debut album was instant hit, 'coz of the initial hype of the 'Indian Idol' concept, and of course his melodious voice. He was brand ambassador for SET and one mouth freshener product, appeared in a soap for Ekta Kapoor, and I hear he playback sang in a movie of which I'm not sure. Recently his 2nd album rolled out but is not finding many takers. Radios are playing his songs once every thousand songs, if not worse.

Yet, he is the most successful Indian Idol ever. Amit Sana got lost in the crowd after his consolation debut album. So is the fate of Indian Idol of season 2. I don't even remember his name. And why only Indian Idol? Several other clone reality TV talent hunt shows were launched alongside. Fame Gurukul, Sa Re Ga Ma, Voice of India et al. How are their winners faring? None of the winners of such shows have made a headway after the initial break. Touqeer Qazi and Ruprekha Banerjee of FG, Debojit Chatterjee of SRGM - all are forgotten names. Only winners who have made it big are Shreya Ghosal, who emerged from SRGM long back and Sunidhi Chauhan, who was winner of 'Meri Aawaz Suno' way back in 1999. But they are, by large, the exceptions.

For all other reality TV talent 'stars', their 15 minutes of fame seems to have evaporated as quickly as it came. These faded stars are a sore reminder that this success and hype can be transitory, unless they have strong lobby or try to make it big banking on their talent and not the media glare - which keeps shifting from one winner to the next.

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  • Blogger Unknown says:
    Thu Sep 27, 10:36:00 AM  

    I agree with you fame goes as fast as it comes. As for the reality shows, they wort of have reached their peak and are now on the downfall.

    Indian Idol doesnt seem to hook me on anymore, their monotonous facade of fights, fake comments and plain rubbish is done a million times already!

    Id like to see, some "real" reality shoes, may be adventure would be a great subset to pick on. top

  • Blogger Unknown says:
    Thu Sep 27, 08:18:00 PM  

    I have seen such articles popping here and there recently and I question you what instigated you to write this now? Is it that you couldn't tolerate Prashant's win? Is it because he is a Nepali? Well why were such articles not published before prashant became Indian Idol. Why were people not interested personally in writing such smarty thoughts before. I believe you are just writing away your inner dissatisfaction which could not be expressed directly into this article. top

  • Blogger Bikram says:
    Thu Sep 27, 09:31:00 PM  

    @Priya (mesmerized) : I totally agree with you. There's no reality in these reality shows.

    @Anup : I never said that Prashant didn't deserve to win. Can U show me a single word that I've written here that defames him? I didn't see a single episode of II3. So, how can I comment on that? Didn't write anything in this regard before as I can't make opinion about something by a single incidence or without giving it time. How am I supposed to know after the very 1st Indian Idol that Abhijit is gonna fade out? When same thing happened with every reality show winner, then only I made this observation and wrote it. There's nothing racial about it. You're just over-reacting. top

  • Blogger trangam says:
    Sun Nov 18, 09:13:00 AM  

    I think its all good fun... nothing to be taken so seriously. As far as Prashanth and other winners I hope they keep their balance with whatever happens in their lives hereon... top



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