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This week update | Friday, September 07, 2007

Today has been the most happening day till date, as far as my blogging is concerned. 3 posts on a single day on a single blog. All of them concerning some major issue and red hot. I'm still having goose bumps from the happenings of the day. So, lemme quickly show u the posts of this week.

This week, the listed posts are in 'Newer to older' order. As always, Links under g@p v4.1 will open in this window only. All other links will open in a new window.

g@p v4.1
  • My earlier post Gals love spoilt playboys got some great responses from female readers. Some just vented their anger while others made sense. Read two such chats - GLSP : Repercussion 2 and GLSP : Repercussion 1.

  • Even after twin blasts in Hyderabad, people in Bangalore are not awake. Still security conditions are insufficient. I personally experienced how easy it is to carry out such terrorist operations at the heart of Bangalore. Wanna know the grave truth? Check How safe is your office?

  • Teachers' day was celebrated world wide, while a law against corporal punishment is taking shape. How crucial is the role of a teacher and do they get any respect in today's age? Check it out - Teachers' Day : Part 2 and Teachers' Day and Corporal Punishment.

  • Just a little callousness and all data in my cellphone were erased. But thankfully, I did one thing right which saved the day. Know what ...All data : Lost.

  • If this much deep thinking bothers u too much, take a chill pill break. Catch a glimpse of little happenings of my life. U might just relate to it. Just Few Things

  • Listen to three top ranking songs from three different regions / languages. What can be better than that? Tune into Best of the Best.

Vicky @ Work

  • Blogspot.com was possibly hacked at the start of this week. Chilling, isn't it? Check what happened here - Blogger : Hacked?.

  • Synchronizing your high-end mobile with your PC could rob you off all your data. You need to be cautious while doing so. Here's a step by step guide that you should follow to prevent the nightmare of data loss. PC synchronization : Be cautious.

That is all for this week. Check them if you haven't already. Didn't post anything new on Leonardo this week.

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Have a great weekend. Take Care.


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