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How to say 'I Love you' | Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lonely Unspoken Love
Being in love is the most amazing feeling. Whole world seems different, filled with happiness like never before. And that special person - U just can't stop thinking about her. U wonder whether she also feels for you the way you feel for her. But getting to know that is the most difficult task on earth. If you absolutely love her, U'll somehow be afraid of approaching her and telling her about how u feel. What if she disapproves? Until you are telling her - there's this possibility that maybe she also loves you. But if you tell her and she rejects - there's no more hope. Better to keep it to yourself and cling onto that hope; huh? Some others think that it's better to tell and end the dilemma once n for all. But not everybody is so strong. That tiny hope is their breathing air.

This helplessness is exhausting at times. You see your beloved everyday. You love every breath she takes, she every move she makes. You crave to get close to her, to hold her hands, to cup her face in your hands. You crave to say three words to her. But you can't. But how you wish .... "Just once; if just once I could ...." . It's aches so hard. You won't have any idea at all unless you've been through this. Anyways, there are ways to tell her that you love her - without risking anything. It might not be the conventional way of confessing love. It might seem crazy or a joke. But at least, you'll have the satisfaction that you told her.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

April Fools' Day is the most appropriate day for this type of confession. U have the opportunity to pour your heart out before the one you love. Approach her with your normal or slightly serious face, start a normal conversation and then say "I wanted to tell you something for quite some days now" Then start saying your 'Dil ki baat'. Say everything that you always wanted to tell her, express every lovely feeling in your heart - like there's no tomorrow. Maintain an eye-contact through out. When you are finished, look deep into her eyes - as if you're looking for an answer there. Now, if she has the same feelings for you - then Bingo. You just won your love. And if she goes - "Mmmmm, I .... but .... never thought .... You ..... I already .... we're good friends" [subtle] or "How dare you? Have u seen a mirror" [angry] - pull the "April Fool" card. Start laughing like Jim Carrey, act as if you've pulled the biggest gag of the year. To the point that she starts feeling embarrassed. Then just walk away. You did your best. You'll feel lighter now.

Caution : This trick might back fire if you don't take proper caution. She might be aware of this 'April Fool' trick and may play along. That is, she might also start saying "Oh, I also love you very much" and stuff. Don't get carried away. She might just turn the table and the joke will be on you - people laughing on you n 'your love'. Test her a bit more. Ask her out for a dinner and if she agrees, reach there late. Let her wait for you so that she can't land there with a bunch of friends to have a laugh at you.

Bonus :

The best love confession scenes that brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch them. I heart goes out to all of you who are in the similar kind of situation.

Another mention worthy scene is from KANK, the train station scene where Dev tells Maya "I love you Maya, and you love me too”

This is the tip for the day. I'll come again with more useful tip for you on the same issue. Don't feel lonely till then. I'm just a 'comment' away. Leave your views and feelings on this as a comment here. Or, if personal, use the contact form or Mail Me. I'll get back to you asap. Celebrate your own V-Day today. Cheers.
Comforting a broken heart

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