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The day Orkut was closed | Thursday, March 27, 2008

In this age of IT - everything is going digital. Even relationships. Most of the teens today spend more time online - chatting, and 'social networking' - than catching up with friends in real. Orkut is the biggest player in this field. It beats even text message craze, which was like a wild-fire even last year. Everybody is living in their virtual world of 'net buddies'. So weird. Given a chance, I'd love to go back to the basics. i.e., communicate the traditional way. Now, don't go too much back in history and think of Pigeon mails. I was referring to meeting in person, or at least - a phone call.

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Well, I wasn't given a choice actually. We had no other options but to go traditional. One of my long time 'net buddy' closed down her Orkut profile yesterday. Atta-Girl. :) And as I'm indispensable in her daily life [well, I'd like to believe that. ;) ], we exchanged our cell numbers. FINALLY. :P Though I'd miss leaving msgs on her scrapbook, talking to her in real time would more than compensate for that.

Talked to her for the 1st time this morning. They say - a person's character can be judged my his/her voice. Judging by that - I'd say she's ....!! Ohhh, forget that. She forbid me to write anything nasty about her. HeHe. Just kidding. She's got a good voice. Not the 'ohh, so melodious' type - but surely better than what I experienced last time when I talked to a long lost friend. Buddy, take this as a compliment, ok. Speaking of voices, I didn't know my own voice sounds so bad over the phone. I had actually recorded part of our conversation. [*before you start thinking of it as a romantic idea - I did that just to test how it works. Haven't tried that before]. So, I was listening to the recording on the road - on my way to the office. And, I was grinning/smiling at the little jokes of the conversations. I might have appeared a crack-head to the passerby.

Received another call from her on my way to office. Now, that felt romantic. :$ I always feel awkward talking on the go, that too in hands-free mode. 'Coz it may appear that I'm talking to myself. Am I nuts? Anyways, this time I just loved it, even though I was laughing a lot n stuff. 'Coz there weren't many people on the road. :D Well, embarrassment was in store anyway. I was at desk by this time and was talking to her - maybe too loudly. Colleagues weren't saying anything but were making faces. And, before I could take the clue, someone said - "get a room". :# I ran for a secluded space. But, then there was connectivity issue. Call was getting disturbed - so I was running here n there. finally settled at the stairway. God, y r so many people taking the stairs ....!! What r lifts for?

Returned to my desk after the call was finished. And ever since, there's this grin on my face. Even though she's abusive at times [me being so accommodative :P ], today she wasn't. She always makes my day. In fact, with her around, I can be just myself. Really. I could never speak with a girl as effortlessly, as I do with her. Everything with her is just so spontaneous. Guess that's how companions should be. And guess we'd make a great couple. What say, buddy? ;)


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