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Gals love spoilt Playboys : Repercussion | Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My last post Gals love spoilt playboys got some criticism and some appreciations from some visitors. Specially, female visitors opposed it the most, saying "All gals are not the same". Well, I never did say that, did I? But U have to admit that most are like that only.

Anyways, giving here a chat session that I had with my friend Ria.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Ria:Good Morning. Nice Blog.
what U've written is very true.
Me:Good morning. Thnx. :)
I know. that's y I've written it. :)
Ria:hehe. bt one thng was wrong!
how can u say... girls like only bad guys...??
Me:well, all the gals i've come across -
they prefer strong 'bad' boys who can give them sense of security from romeos on road.
Ria:how can a bad guy give protection .. kinda contradicting... dnt u thnk so!
Me:See - nobody would like to eve-teas them,
as they won't like to mess with the strong built 'bad' boy.
then the gal could flaunt everywhere - "If u harass me, my boyfriend will break your bones".
Ria:jst for the sake of protection..how can a gal fall for a bad guy.... ths is sick..
common now..dnt tell me..tht evry time a gal walks out n guys start eve teasing..
it does happen..bt nt always
Me:It's kind of gal psychology yaar.
Sober is boring. "Bad Boys" is like a craze for them.
Ria: i dnt thnk so..nt all gals r same..
i mst say..u hve always come across wrong types of gals thn..!!
Me:I agree that all girls are not the same.
but most are like this only.

would U date somebody who won't spend money on u?
or who is not physically strong built?
Ria:trust me... i would nvr do tht..i kno u ll nt..bt this is the truth
only for money...no ways
common now there is hardly any guy who is nt strongly built..
n der is diiff between being strong and bad...
n yes all strong guys r nt bad..
Me:Know this - any strong built guy - who is a bit handsome -
has a certain amount of 'casanova' character in him.
Just like gals. any beautiful gal knows that guys are following her -
so she acts like miss world and fools around.
Ria:yeah ... I agree
bt i kno guys who r good..bt nt really casanovas

bt u kno wht..y the hell u shud evr give imp to good lookn ppl...
we hve bettr thngs to do in life...
dnt u thnk so
Me:well, yah.
My point was just that - most of the gals talking about - "luv" - are just bogus.
Ria:and i thought, ths is wht guys think...

Hhmmmm. Interesting conversation. Had couple of more such conversation with others. There's this guy who exclaimed "Dude, U r really genius". HeHe. Will possibly mention some more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Tue Sep 04, 06:26:00 PM  

    u r simply too much..!! was actually lookn for tht picture background thng...on ur blog...so tht i can exactly tell wht i wnt..n somehow happened to come across ths..n i thought i hve seen ths conversation somwhere..hehehe..thnks for making me famous for free...!!! top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Wed Sep 05, 12:09:00 PM  

    Pleasure. :)
    Have mailed you the procedure for setting up the background. NJoy. top



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