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G@P : Out of Beta | Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's been 50 days since I launched this blog G@P v4.0 in Beta version. Got some very useful tips from some techie visitors, specially Brett of Circle6 Design. Some visitors who faced any sort of difficulty in navigation here reported that to me, which helped me to fix it. Here I'd like to mention Melody, who closed my page 'coz it was taking 'too much time to load' - as per her standards. That prompted me to make some immediate changes in the code so that the page loading time was reduced by several factors. And mostly, everybody appreciated this new design. So, I guess I won't be making any big drastic changes here very soon.

Now that Beta version release is a success, I'm glad to announce that g@p is now out of Beta Version. So, the Beta badge is going now. And now G@P is promoted to v4.1 . And it comes with some more juicy sausage for your liking.

Changes in G@P v4.1

  • Page load time is hugely reduced
  • Widgets [navigation options] are now more efficiently placed. Moved them around a bit for ease of your use.
  • My Flickr / YouTube / Delicious / RSS link badges are now in the curtain. Click Pull on top right corner.
  • Site Hit Stats widget is moved to the bottom bar
  • "Most Read Posts" widget has been moved from curtain to the item page. It is now available on individual post pages. Click the title of any post to visit its item page
  • Selected text color is changed. Instead of the default blue text on white background [after text selection], now you get dark green text on banana leave background. This one looks so soothing.
  • The combined feed of all 5 of my blogs is available now. Any new post in any of my 5 blogs will be available in this feed. This feed can be subscribed to by clicking the RSS icon on the curtain. [click 'Pull' on top right corner]
  • Some new interesting categories [tags], including Download are added to the list. Check the full list at the bottom bar

Minor changes include
  • The description of the blog has been changed.
  • Notification of 'Hindi' posts have been removed.
and mayby some other little things. I'm constantly changing something or the other here. So, guess everyday there's something new that improves its performance.

[Click to see the top 50 cities' List]

Speaking of performance, this site has got some 8,344 visits and 14,588 pageviews from 1,452 cities across the globe. Click the map above to get the top 50 cities. Click image on the left for the top 25 traffic sources of my site. [both images open in new window].

That's a great great report for me, considering before the v4.0, very few people were aware of my site's presence. And now, I've got some little feathers in the cap of G@P; like being in the top 10 designs list, crossing '1000 visitors on a single day' barrier, then getting 1.5k+ visits per day for three consecutive days. And now my subscriber count is 27; low maybe - but that is within 50 days. So, I guess that's a good start. Hoping for a greater patronage from all of you. Keep a watch on this space. There's something for everyone here.
For previous version history and upgrade details check this post.

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