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A week after G@P v4.0 | Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's been a week since I released the G@P v4.0 and what a week it has been...!! Got some beautiful comments and useful advices. And I guess my embedded 'chat box' is more useful than I thought. Instead of directly commenting on the page, most visitors directly chatted with me. Hence comment count is low - but who's complaining....!!? I got to interact with my readers and that's much MUCH more than a single comment.

Anyways, thanks to some critic reviews and advices, G@P v4.0 has seen a couple of changes in this one week. Most helpful of them was that of Brett of Circle6 Design. Inspite of his busy schedule, he helped me out with some bugs. The newly added features in last week are -
[ Continued in Full Post ]

  • The Beta badge on top left corner so that my visitors know that changes are still being made and shouldn't get worried if they happen to visit the page when it's being changed by me.

  • Scroll to Top button at the bottom right corner. It's position is fixed so that U can auto-scroll to top of page, no matter where U r currently on the page.

  • Comment Bubbleto let U know this is the link to read or leave a comment

  • Dateand ReaderIcons at Item page. Looks good.
These are apart from the bug fixes that I carried out.

The visitor opinion poll that I carried out showcased some mixed results. 1 user branded this site 'Copy Cat' 'coz I have written my name as Sub author for this site's code. Come on yaar, though this template was written by Derek, I did change a lot of stuff here which took me considerable amount of time. So, I guess I deserve a mention of that in blog template. And anyway, Derek's name is still mentioned as the Author.

17% visitors found it 'confusing' which in turn is confusing me. I tried to make this site as easy to navigate as possible, and yet it was confusing for some. So, I'm giving some guidelines here.
  • Click the 'Pull String' [top right corner] only after the page has loaded completely. If it is stuck somewhere, reload the page

  • Some posts on Home page or archive page are incomplete, i.e, they are just 1st few para of the post. This is indicated by [ Continued in Full Post ] at the end of post writing. To read the remaining part of such posts, click the 'Read Full Post" at the end of post. check the snapshot below -

  • All links to external pages open in a new tab [or new window in case of IE] upon clicking. And internal links [ links to other pages in G@P ] open in the same window.

  • To leave a comment, Click the '# comment' [# being any digit] link with comment bubble on the right on home-page or the 'leave a reply' link at end of post-writing on item page.

  • To subscribe to post feed, click the 'RSS Icon' at the bottom of page or 'Pull' the string and click 'subscribe' at the top of the page. U can get site feeds delivered to your mailbox by writing your mail id in the box below 'subscribe' link and hitting Enter on keyboard.

  • U won't get spam or flood of mails if U subscribe through mail. It will send U only a mail of my new post when I write one.

Lemme know if U need any other clarification. I'm always here to assist U.

Looking forward to a greater patronage from U. Keep visiting and do subscribe to the feeds if U link this blog. [ it's beautiful and it's FREE, U know ] And oh, I forgot to mention that this site got ranked in top 10 blog design. Read about it here.

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