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How safe is Bangalore? | Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For many, the last weekend brought the worst that humanity can face. The twin blasts in Hyderabad rocked the nation. But did it really? Nobody pays these blasts much attention unless this happens on their home's backyard or some of their relative is involved. Otherwise it's just another topic for their tea time 'expert' discussion, at the end of which government neglect is held responsible. But are we justified at pointing fingers at the government? How much can gov do if there's no or minimal participation from the public...? Gov is not god.

Another round of blame game is gonna start between the center and AP now, each trying to rip apart the other one. The energy they are wasting in this could've been well invested in helping the victims. But the ways in India....

This incident made me wonder - how safe are we in Bangalore? When someone can enter IISc with huge cache of ammunitions and wreck havoc, how hard is it gonna be for them to enter Forum or such highly crowded public places with deadly explosives more than enough to blow that place apart? Anybody can easily dodge the security check at the entrance of these malls. The place - bustling with youth window shopping - elders taking a stroll - kids flocking McDonald - packed to brims. One huge explosion in midst of all these and their world will come crashing down.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Those who think that it's impossible to dodge the security with that much explosive - I'll say - dude wake up. Anyways, even if they don't enter the main building - a powerful explosion at the gate itself will cause huge damage. Entry gate is the most crowded at any given moment with ever streaming crowd pushing and shoving to get in or out. One strong blast amidst such packed crowd will throw mangled bodies, which were cheering alive person moments ago, at least 10 meters away. Pieces of flesh will be flying here and there. Even the thought of such possibility gives me shivers. I feel sick - at the same time hatred for all those devils who are executing these sins in the name of jihad.

I'm not against some particular community. That's just not done. Just as I'd like to say All men are not dog, the whole community is not terrorist. I don't get why my countrymen don't understand this game of greedy politicians? We have been through this before - since the age of Mugals - East India Company - partition - more recently - Mumbai Riots - Mumbai Serial Blasts - Gujarat. Still we don't learn a lesson and every time we become the puppets in the hands of politicians. It's high time that we all stand together against all such separatist force. Gather 'round people and let's show them what we've got.

End note: Quoting 'Times View'.
As a nation, we are impotent when it comes to tackling terror. After every attack, our police and politicians make the same old noises, but nothing changes. Mumbai's been hit time and time again by serial blasts. Delhi's been targeted repeatedly, including once on the eve of Diwali. Hyderabad has been struck twice within 4 months this year. The IISc in Bangalore was attacked in 2005 .... the list is endless.

What's almost as terrible as our inability to prevent these attacks is our abysmal record in bringing the perpetrators to book. It's taken 14 years for sentencing in the 1993 Mumbai blasts - and the masterminds are still at large. Clearly, there's no resolve to act. Worse, there are stories of political protection.

there hasn't been an attack on US soil since 2001

The US has come in for criticism for its brute response to 9/11. This is not a defense of Washington's approach to terrorism, but the fact is, there hasn't been an attack on US soil since 2001. Is India going to simply stand by and watch innocent lives being snuffed out with chilling regularity? It's time we took a hard line on terrorism.

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