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BarCamp 4 : Day 2 | Thursday, August 02, 2007

This post is part 2 of my previous post on BarCamp : Day 1. U should read it first.

1st day at the BarCamp was quite disappointing. Most of the day, I was just wandering alone. Nonetheless, I was very eager to join it the 2nd day also. But reaching IIM was highly troublesome on 29th. As I was in a no rush, I decided to explore the possibilities and boarded a bus this time, which was followed by a series of bus changes. Viveknagar -> Koramangala Signal -> BTM Water tank -> Dairy Circle -> finally IIM. One hell of a ride. This time Sanjukta asked me to hop onto stage and introduce everybody to my session on 'Photo Security'. AJ was supposed to accompany me there with his session. But he was shying away so much that I was in serious doubt if he's really the same AJ who was confidently tackling every word of participants just the last day.

Again all the schedule were haphazard. Notices for different clusters were put up at different locations, which added to the chaos. Once the talks started, things started getting more messy because none of the talks had been alloted a time slot and they were being staged on 'First come First Serve' basis. My session started @ 1130 hrs. Man, I was thrilled or nervous....!! For once, I was giving a presentation after a long long time, and add to that, I knew some people were really expecting some valuable things from it. On my way to L12 from Audi, some 4 people had asked me when and where was my session going to take place and now they were sitting IFO me. I didn't want to disappoint them.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

I started my session saying I want this session to be interactive. And, all the tricks that I'm gonna discuss here are breakable. Nothing can secure an online image 100%." I guess people heard just the 1st part of it but not the 2nd half. 'Coz the session was really interactive, almost every person in the room voiced his / her opinion on it; so much so that I myself didn't get much time. Before I could explain how one particular security can be bypassed, someone or the other would start exclaiming "Man, this is also breakable ..." so and so. In short, the session didn't go as I'd planned. I just wrapped it up. Anyways, I've wrote in detail about all this trick in my tech blog iWizard Prevent Image Theft : Total Guide.

Next there was a session on Mobile-Blogging by Arun. First he showcased his Photo-Blog and then introduced us to the on-the-go approach to blogging. As he stated, we can simply click a pic and post it on our blog - just in a blink. He also showed some other famous photo blogs. I must say, this did ignite a passion for mo-blogging in me. I already do have a Photo-Blog Leonardo. Posting on it from my mobile would be great.

After lunch was done with, BarCamp TShirts were being given away at the temporary reception counter. 'course there was a huge line for it. Afterall, that's gonna be the momento of this event. Got my 'M' sized TShirt [ which turned out to be a little short for me ] and headed back to the L12. Post lunch, most of the people were just idly waiting for the sessions to start. Some were having a discussion @ open spaces. That really felt like a picnic. L12 restarted with a session on 'Monetizing your blog' i.e., how to earn money using your blog. Some people did take a lot of interest in that. But gradually some people were getting bored. Some seemed extremely drowzy. Even I was on the verge of collapsing in sleep at a time. But then recovered. :D

The highlight of the day was the following discussion on "What does a blogger does better than a news paper report". This was brought about by Subbu of IndiaTogether. Several people woke-up, took notice and participated actively. They raised several issues of curbed freedom of a reporter and as such. At the end, there was this suggestion that bloggers must get a chance to have their posts published in the print medium to reach a wider audience. This was appreciated by one and all.

Slowly, the End of Day crept in and we all headed for the auditorium for the closing speech. It was already crowded as usual and Arun was giving the closing speech. Chennai Bloggers were making their presence felt being cheering on every possible context. And then, Arun announced that now on BarCamp will be held quarterly every year. My instant reaction was 'Yaayyyy...!!!' but then I quite didn't like the idea. If World Cup is held every year, then there won't be any charm in it. Same goes here. But anyway, as I've missed many a things in this edition, am eager to join the next one asap.

I was on a clicking spree then. Final shoots of BCB4. BCB4 was the 1st event where I fully utilized my newly acquired Cam-Phone. Took almost 150 snaps in these two days. And they are not as bad as I'd thought they would be. In fact, the output is quite good. After the final shoots, I headed back home. again, was too tired.
On the left is the news clip from Bangalore Mirror.

Catch all the action of BCB4 - both days at my PhotoBlog's Post B'lore BarCamp 4.

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