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Harry Potter : Final Countdown | Friday, July 20, 2007

What a week it has been ..!! What with all the hoopla surrounding the HP7 release ...!! The million dollar security to avert the leak of the final installment, still it leaking on the net, the denial of publishers and then acceptance - and now all these is drawing to an end - of course with a big bang. The book is finally releasing tonight as the clock strikes midnight. The Final countdown has begun.

It's official now. The spoiler I was talking about is truly genuine. Read about it in NYTimes. Huh. So, those of U who suspected the authenticity of this or those who missed it 'coz they were late - better luck next time. But wait, there's another option for U. U can read the review of the book, again posted on NYTimes. And U can read the exclusive interview of JKR here.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Pheeew. Now I am feeling a bit relaxed. Whole of last week, I was juggling with lotsa request from visitors for the spoiler, the overwhelming response to the poll, the notice from google, my site crashing under the immense load, 1000+ visitors on a single day. Readers from world over tried every possible means to reach me to get their hands on the spoiler. They left comments, dropped me a mail and directly chatted with me. I couldn't help but reply to all of 'em. It's really been a very VERY busy week, filled with anxiety. So much so that eventhough I had the full spoiler with me and was talking 'bout it with my readers, I myself couldn't read even a single page of it. So, I guess my wait isn't spoilt ...!! Think I'm "evil cunning monster"...?? Ohhhh, please don't fret. I wasn't waiting for the release with all eagerness. If someone else told me the ending, it doesn't matter to me. I don't eat n drink n sleep HP. But, ya. I do like this series and adore it.

I guess this is the last post of my blog's Harry Potter series. As U prepare yourself to dive into the ocean of HP's adventure - lemme take U through the happenings in his life - right from the very 1st time. Read the quick recap here.

That would be all for now. I know nothing comes close to the excitement of tonight. So, won't bother U much. Grab the book ASAP and do let me know how did u like it. Meanwhile, have a look at some pix from the latest Harry Potter movie #5.

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