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Harry Potter 7 : Spoiler | Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ok, here's something about the biggest wait of the year. Harry Potter 7, the finale of the wizard who have spell bounded readers around the world. For past few days, there's been rumors about the end of the final book being leaked. Several people described the end of the book, which I guess was just their imagination. Though, the vividness of their imagination amused me. Some die-hard readers gave their predictions, based on some logic. Speculations ranged from Hermione dieing, Hagrid getting killed, Dumbledore resurrecting, Harry being a Horcrux, Peter Pettigrew helping Harry to repay his debt_, and biggest of them all - Harry dieing at the end. Someone even wrote a plagiarized version of the story based on his imagination and released it in PDF form claiming it to be the original. Get it here.

And at last, this morning I came across a link which claimed to be the 'Real Spoiler of HP7' [ just like all others claim ]. I did click on it anyway, and to my utter disbelieve, found it really to be true. The story did make sense and add to that, there are snaps from the book. Snaps of whole 4 content pages and Epilogue pages are given. This is indeed - real.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Frankly speaking, I don't mind the spoilers. Afterall, I'm not gonna buy the book pretty soon, if I decide to buy it at all. [ I'm hoping someone will gift it to me ;) ] And, there's this urge to know what happens at last. So, this spoiler serves my purpose. This doesn't mean that I won't read the book now. Eventhough I know the end now, I don't know the tids-n-bits of the story. Every page of this final book is going to be a treasure trove. With 4 horcruxes still to be discovered - it's a long ride. So, I'd definately gobble the whole book when I get my hands on it.

I had this terrible urge to post the spoiler link here so that all HP enthusiasts can read it and quench their thrust. But then thought better of it. Others might not share my viewpoint about spoilers. And eventhough they might not want to read the spoiler, the presence of the link will eventually tempt them to click on it - thus spoiling their fun. And in the end, they are gonna curse me to hell. Pheeew. I surely don't want this fury. So, withholding this info. Instead, am launching this poll. Voice your opinion on this poll. Lemme know do U want to read this authentic HP7 spoiler. If I get considerable amount of positive response, I'll post the link here. Or if U can't wait that long, drop your mail id in comment. I'll mail U the link. Keep an eye on this space for further updates.

[ This poll has been closed now ]
Update 1 : 2 PM
For some detailed and interesting facts about Harry Potter 7 (and previous books) visit these links :-Update 2 : 4 PM
This post is currently ranked 3 in Google Blog search with search term Harry Potter 7. If this rank is changed by the time U visit this page, check the rank snapshot here.

Update 3 : 4 PM, 18th July
The spoiler has been removed from its site 'coz of it's authenticity. But I do have a saved copy of that. Check this SuperCool update here. [ contains spoiler link ]
Update 4 : 3 PM, 19th July
The above poll is ended now. The spoiler in link of Update 3 above has also been removed on request from Google. Read about it in details at HP : Repercussion

Closing Note : 11 AM, 20th July
Commenting on this post is now closed. I'm no longer sending spoiler links. Read the final [ for now ] post on this series - Final Countdown.
When Commenting, do leave your name in the field. I got 15 Anonymous here, which is not that good.
Most people missed the spoiler as they visited this page late. To stay updated with the latest post, subscribe to my site feed, or U can opt for email subscription. If U can't figure out how to do that, drop me a mail and I'll do it for U.

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