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BlackBerry, w810i and LG 2630 | Thursday, July 26, 2007

My 1st BlackBerry
Yay . . I got my 1st BlackBerry yesterday. It felt really great to lay my hands on it. The sturdy, blue body - the giant display [ giant as compared to normal mobile handsets ], full QWERTY keypad - having it in my hand felt awesome. Add to that, the power of what it can do thrilled me to bits.

OK, I guess I'm sounding like a child who just got his 'Robocop' toy. But ya, that's the way it is. Just couple of months ago, I was using the simplest LG 2630 handset provided with my Reliance connection, with nothing but call n sms facility. That drowned and died in Coorg trip. Then I bought my current Sony Ericsson w810i.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

This was is the best thing that I ever bought from my own money. [ My PC was bought by dad ]. This handset has lots lots more than the last one - almost everything that I wanted. A good enough cam, Walkman player and FM, a 512 MB card that ensures that I never run out of space for more music. The extra stereo speakers bundled with it are just mind-blasting with its high bass. And even FM can be played in speaker mode. And I'm not talking about the handset speaker. Any speaker can be plugged into it's headphone port. Hence, when I go back home at the end of working day, I just connect my PC speakers to it and turn on the radio - which feels as if I'm having a WorldSpace radio in my room. The earphone, or earplug as it is called, is the best I've come across till now. It fits perfectly in my ears. Not like those wide disc headed earphones that keep pushing the boundaries and keeps falling out. And ofCourse, the look of w810i is just WOW. It turned out to be a good buy for my 12.7 grands.

But then, it's not flawless either. The default handset speaker is not that good. When I play the Walkman through the default speakers, the sound output is just Okayish, not good enough for a music enthusiast. I have to use the earplugs or the extra speakers for the THUMP. So much for it's "the Thump is HERE" claim.

I have to use the earplugs or the extra speakers for the THUMP. So much for it's "the Thump is HERE" claim.

Speaking of sound, the output from earpiece when you're on a call is also not satisfactory. I have to strain my ears to listen to what the person on the other side is saying. Hell is when you're in a noisy environ, say on road. Again, earplug is the option. It even has a few deficiencies as compared to LG 2630. For instance, to read next or previous msg in inbox, I have to go back to inbox and select next / prev msg and then 'View', whereas in LG handset, I can do the same from the msg window itself. i.e, when reading a msg, I could simply press 'right' button to read the next msg. And, with 810i, I can only set different ring-tones for different person, but not different msg tones, which was conveniently possible with LG 2630.

Well, those are the few highs and lows with the w810i. And if U ask me, whether I'm satisfied with w810i, I'll say YES. Even with its small few drawbacks, it's a good gadget to posses. I am no longer bored at the bus-stop, thnx to the FM and I can capture anything I like with the cam and share it real time. Like this news of BlackBerry. I just shot it with my w810i, uploaded it on my server and am now writing 'bout it. Feels like live reporting. And oh, about this BlackBerry. Don't look for a user review of it here 'coz I haven't used it yet. And it's not mine forever. :( It is given to me to check the process of mail forwarding from Lotus Notes to mobile email client. So, it's with me for couple of weeks. After that, it's Hasta La Vista. So, till then, let's rock with it. Meanwhile, lemme know which mobile handset do U think is the best. Cast your opinion below or leave a comment.

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