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Best of September | Sunday, September 30, 2007

September came to an end today. :) Indians will never forget this month - September 2007 - 'coz the dream of a whole nation was fulfilled this month. The dream of bringing home the world cup. Dhoni's boys finally did it. Wrote a lot of posts on this mega event. A quick list of all this must-check posts can be found at - This week update.

Among the rest, here are the best posts of the September month - from all my 5 blogs. If U've missed any of these, I'll say U'r really missing something. Have a look at them now. And when U r impressed - do leave your comments on these posts.

Best of September 2007

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  • One of my top viewed post of August - Gals love spoilt playboyz drew vivid reactions from both guys and gals. Most gals directly confronted me [for letting the cat out of the bag..?? :p ] over chat. Couple of them were really interesting. [Their views, I mean ;) ]. Check the heated debate - the war of the sexes - here @ GLSP : Repercussion and GLSP : Repercussion 2.

  • Four bridges / Flyovers crashed around the world, all in around 45 days. Is there any link between them? What or who is causing all these? Know some shocking facts. Deadly reason behind all bridge collapses.

  • Even after twin blasts in Hyderabad, people in Bangalore are not awake. Still security conditions are insufficient. I personally experienced how easy it is to carry out such terrorist operations at the heart of Bangalore. Wanna know the grave truth? Check How safe is your office?
    The above article was featured in Bangalore Mirror.

  • Everyone saw Life in a Metro and loved it. But did you see it closely? Did it ever occur to you that this movie portrays women as spineless and weak-at-knees? Ponder at Metro - Portraying women weak?

  • Prashant became the 3rd Indian Idol. But how long will he remain 'Idol'? After the initial hype, these reality TV stars fade out as fast as they had shooted for the moon. See the reality of the 'reality' TV shows - Indian Idol : for how long?

  • After initial hype for Hockey generated by success of 'Chak De India' the fate of all other sports is back to square one. Things gone worse after the T20 victory. Indian life is again Cricket centric. Will hockey bounce back? Check - Everything back to Cricket.

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iWizard [RSS Feed | Email Updates ]
  • Synchronizing your high-end mobile with your PC could rob you off all your data. You need to be cautious while doing so. Here's a step by step guide that you should follow to prevent the nightmare of data loss. PC synchronization : Be cautious.

  • Some very useful tips on how to optimize your blog page to get a better performance and engage lots of loyal readers / Visitors. - Optimize Blog for Maximum Visits.

Well, that would be a wrap up of this month. Hope you too had a great month. Catch some more and greater action next month. Don't miss it. Keep yourself updated with my blog feeds.

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