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New shores of Life | Monday, October 01, 2007

Here's my blog's first 'Guest-Blogger' post. Shwetha is one of my best friends and someone with whom I can share everything. She recently met her soul-mate and is currently in Sunnyvale, US. She sent me a short description of her new life there. Read on -

I hear the door shut behind him. I hear the clinging of his keys as he makes his way towards the door that leads to stairs. I stand at the door till the sound of his footsteps on the stairs recede. I close the door behind me. Now I need time to accustom to his absence. I sometimes smell his wet towel fresh from his bath just few minutes ago. I look into the mirror and say to myself, "It has been a month almost". And then smile at myself. Blush and get conscious if he is around only to realize he is not at home now. I pat on my forehead and laugh at myself.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

I brew a cup tea for myself. Itz cold outside. The California weather, I'm in love with it even though it makes me dress in layers. Umm..the tea, the taste of tea. I no longer relish the taste of tea that I used to like sometime back. He likes his tea to be very light with very little sugar. It reminds me of milk-coffee we used to have as kids at granny's home. Milk-coffee is coffee with lots of milk. Prepared mainly yielding to the tantrums of kids for wanting to do things on par with elders. The taste of my tea has changed, the world outside has also changed for me.

Being in love, is altogether a different feeling. As I sit sipping tea, I think of last one month. So much has changed and yet so much has remained the same. There is still a tinge of mehndi on my feet. Reminding me that I'm married now. I say to myself, "Time flies so fast". I think of him. I can see him more clearly than ever before. Earlier he used to look different to me every time I looked at him. Now, I know his face, his expressions. I smile thinking, if I hadn't married him I would have missed out on one of the few best men in the world. In him I find a father, mother, mentor, husband, lover and a friend. Sometimes I can see all of them together in him and depending on the situation I see any one them.

He has come up with many more names for me - Dummi, Dephi, Dabali, all meaning fatso. Hahaha. :p He calls me so more out of love than because I'm little fat. I can say that because he keeps watch on if I'm eating well or not. He treats me like his child most of the times. Remember that morning when I was sick with splitting headache and he didn't wake me up that morning though he had to leave very early. In half sleep I murmured, "I want tablet. Headache". He came to me with a glass of water and made me take the tablets. I was slowly drifting to sleep when I heard his hurried footsteps towards the door. I realized he was late. Waking up very late that day, I found a glass of tea and a bowl of cereal on the kitchen slab. My eyes were moist when I had the tea till its last sip.

I love his laughter. He laughs with his heart out. Makes loud sound, showing all his teeth. I must say he takes very good care of his teeth. He has 2-3 toothbrushes! He uses floss and mouthwash regularly. When he tells me, "You miss brushing at night many times and you don't use mouthwash", he sounds like a concerned parent. When he teaches me how to cook food and then how to taste it to check on it, he sounds like a teacher. When he gets irritated because I made him wait for long while shopping, he sounds like typical husband. When he enjoys giving in to my romantic overtures like candle-night dinner, moonlight dinner or tea on the grass by fountain side, he is like my dream lover. When I cry over his shoulder on some matter, he listens to me and consoles me like a friend, a true and dear friend. Of course for each of his roles, I can give more than one instances.

I'm done with my tea. I hear someone pinging on gtalk. Oh! It's him inquiring what I'm doing. Now this is an instance of all-in-one role of him!

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