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Knowing a friend | Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ever since I floated the 'Get Famous. Get Featured' campaign, there were two people whose post I always wanted to feature here. Shwetha Satish and Ria Shah, both being my close friends. Ria had reacted to one of my posts - GLSP : Repercussion 2 which could've been posted as a 'Guest Post'. But I was waiting for a post from Shwetha as I wanted her to be my 1st 'Guest Blogger'. And as she was busy settling down in her new surroundings, she took a little time to send me her post. Finally, I got her post - New shores of Life and published it. Sadly, by this time - Ria's post was outdated. So, asked her to send me a new post. She sportingly wrote another post for me - which was full of praises for me. I was elated but didn't feel like publishing this one. But this time Ria stood her ground and insisted that I publish this post. She made few changes to it and 'ordered' :p me to publish it. So, here's her post -

[ Continued in Full Post ]

I wrote a GUEST POST for one of my friend’s blog the crux of it is how really good he is at blogging, and how incredible his blogs are. This is what I wrote to him -

This guy Vicky writes about anyone and everyone. So I thought let me write something about him! But the problem is that I don't even know him really, but still I want to try!

I started blogging, not exactly knowing that ye blogging nahi hai aasan :D There is so much to learn! I don't understand things quite often though I try really hard to learn. But I guess it's not my forte. Then comes Mr Bikram Agarwal to my rescue. I have really learnt quite a lot from him. He is simply incredible nd impeccable as far as blogging is concerned! Hey Vicky, why don't you start lessons on blogging!! But hey, I wont be your first official student. Why should I pay you for something which I 'm getting for free? ;) And hey, my smilies are not tacky okk!! :p

I think you are a guy with golden heart, lovely human being, too emotional and quite helpful. But I wonder whether you ever laugh, sorry smile :P If you think I am buttering you, then its your gross mistake. But if you think I am flirting with you, then you are absolutely right … ;) … :p

I wanted this content to be published at any cost!! But this was his revert, when I asked him to publish it:-
Your words are really nice and flattering. And your writing style is quite commendable. But I guess I can't publish this one on my blog. This one would look like an advertisement campaign. People will think that I'm asking my friends to write a promotion / recommendation post for myself. And as I'm the one publishing it - it becomes self-praising post. Muuh Miya Mitthhu kinda thing. I hope you understand my point.

I am feeling so embarrassed that this is the second time I'm not able to publish your 'guest-post'. Chhhho Chhorrry. Hope U'r not angry on me - r u? Please understand my stand. I'm not biased against U. I'm really looking forward to publish one post from you. Please write something about the society, or you or anything that makes an interesting read for the visitors - not related to me or past issues.

What an excuse.... :@ Confronted him over chat -
Ria:u think i am a fool?????
You write something good about me and I publish it on my blog for people to read
- see how great I am...?
this one sounds like 'blowing my own trumpet'
Ria:wht is ur prob..bikram???
Ria:u r.... stupid
Me:y insist on this?
Won't u write something else for me?
Me: :( :k
Ria:u keep doing tht.
uffff....thn dnt publish..happy!
Me:U'r angry with me for not publishing your earlier post - aren't u?
Ria:no...bt now i definitly m..for nt publishing ths one
10 mins silence
Me:u still angry?
Hello000 ....
Me:that's a classic example of "Girls mean YES when they say NO".
Ria:bt i belong to another category....u r tooooooooooo experienced, arent u??
Me:I guess. And that's y I think U mean yes.
symptom 1 : U r taking long time to reply
but still i wnt u to publish it
OK, I'll do that.
but, I'll write a proloug to it
Ria:lets see...
do whtevr u wnt to

Yayy. I win. I win. :) So, now that you read all this, its' outcome of all these. Enjoy.


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