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This week update | Friday, October 12, 2007

If U have been regular to my blog, U might've known that this week was full of problems for me. Juggled with so many issues. Anyways, here are the updates for of this week -

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g@p v4.1
  • There's always a certain limit in every relation that should never be crossed. And when some people don't care about this, things go really nasty. Check out what happened with me - Friends crossing limit
  • Can you trust your friends blindly? I did and paid heavily for it. Check this one out - Friend or fraud?
  • We all are grabbing every opportunity that's thrown our way - be it a fabulous offer from a credit card. But how safe are they? Forget card theft. How about the bank itself playing tricks with you? Check how they do it at Axis Bank - Beware of Axis Bank Credit cards
  • Ria joined me on my blog vicky@work as a co-author this week. Get to know her better - Welcome Ria

  • Black Eyed Peas are coming to Bangalore for a Live Concert on 16th October at Palace Ground. Get into the groove. Keep yourself updated with all that's happening around them. In the meantime - Check the lyrics of the happening song - My Hump. - Black Eyed Peas : My Humps
  • Breaking news : Ria has just posted a new entry. Huh.. that's what news channels are doin these days. How credible these 24x7 channels are now? Find out at - Indian Media
  • There's a new kid on the block who has instantly became the eye-candy of gays all over India. Find out who he is - Eye candy for gay community

That is all for this week. Check them if you haven't already. Didn't post anything new on other blogs this week.

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Have a great weekend. Take Care.


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