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Friend or Fraud? | Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh great. Things are getting worse every day. And at the end of today, the problems just increased three-fold, apart from the existing Axis Bank CC problem. One is financial, rest two - relational.

1st one - I've been duped off 10 solids grands. :o Rs. 10000. Yeah, it's just four '0's - but that's a lot for me - specially when it just went down the drain. Who brought about that? Well, that'd be one of my friends, my PG-mate Vishal. This guy was from Mumbai and working in Mphasis here. He was staying at the PG before we came-in. He's always been there and soon became one of us. One 'fine' day he cried to me that his bro had met with an accident on Mumbai-Pune expressway and died on the spot. He needs to fly to Mumbai immediately and needs 10k. With that much money involved - I went a bit nervous. But soon his tears :k [now which seems like that of Crock's] melted my cautions. I gave him 8k from my account and arranged for the rest from my friends. He promised to settle this as soon as he's in Mumbai; left his bike [one old jerk-off 2-stroke bike] in the basement [but took the keys n papers] and left. Or should I say - eloped. 'coz that was the last I've seen him - 14th June '07.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

He was supposed to be back in 2 weeks; 3 at max. But even after 50 days - there was neither a sign of him or the money. My fears were taking shape. Only silver lining was that his cellphone was still active. He kept assuring me that he'll be back soon. But he was just bull-shitting us. Later he tweaked it a bit and started saying that he'll be back soon or will transfer the money to my account. Another bull-shit. It's been 4 months now - no money.

People fear cops more than they fear criminals

Been trying hard to bring him to docs. But there are some dampeners. I don't have his Mumbai home address, home phone number, photo, employee id number - nothing. :# So, there's no way to track him on my own. His cellphone is the only connection - which he can turn-off any moment. Only thing that could help me here are the cops. But the kind of reputation they've got - I doubt whether they'll even listen to me. I had pondered on the idea of lodging a FIR against him. But friends told me that they won't put even a single word of mine on record and will shoo me away. People fear cops more than they fear criminals. What world we are living in...!!! :x

In ideal situation, Vishal can be nabbed in no more than 2 days. His details can be obtained from his Mphasis office, and he can be traced down by his active mobile and caught. But all these needs cop action. Neither will the Mphasis give me its employee's details nor will vodafone engage a mobile trace on him on my request. Cops can do all these pretty fast and easily. But will they work on my case? I doubt it. Seen a Bangalore City Police website this morning. Thought of submitting my case there. But then again .... involving cops .... I've got to think it over. BTW, does that site have any weightage?

Guess I'm in a hopeless situation and the return of my money is at total mercy of this jerk. Thought of selling off his bike. But with no key and no paper and the bike under land-lords 'protection' - things are a bit gloomy. All these 'coz I trusted a friend. Who do you trust then? All the world's an enemy...

Have you got any ideas for me? What do I do? If you've got any bright ideas that can bring Vishal to docs - I'd be delighted to know it. If you are a cop reading this - would u please see to it that I get justice? And cop uncle, please don't try to teach me a lesson instead. I'm too afraid of that.

Had enough...?? This is just one of the things that I tackled today. There are couple of other things that pained me today. Check 'em here.

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