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Weekend in Bangalore | Monday, October 22, 2007

This weekend was longer than usual. No, not hypothetically. Really it was. Friday the 19th was also a holiday, owing to the Durga Puja. Well, it doesn't feel like Durga Puja here in Bangalore. Back home in Bengal, Durga puja is the biggest event every year. But here, no trace of that except for some friends fasting for navaratri and Ayudh Puja at office. Well, I don't do fasting n Puja n all that. I don't believe in all these. It's not that I'm an atheist. It's just that I can't fathom these 'technique' of pleasing the gods. I mean, through-out the year you're doing sins, eating chicken, boozing, cursing god for your hardship; and suddenly during puja time - U become all saint, go veg and praising the god for their blessings. It's just like govt. officials' behavior during special inspection. Whom are we faking?

Tomato Onion StewAnyways, I'm not here to give my judgment on religions. Lemme update you with some happenings of this weekend. Last week I'd seen Bourne Ultimatum. Was so much mesmerized by it that I started reading the next installment of the series Bourne Legacy immediately after that. Finished it this Saturday night and then found out that there's no food in the kitchen. I was so engrossed in reading the final chapters that I didn't take dinner and by the time I finished, it was past midnight. All shops closed and nothing in kitchen. That made me more hungry. :(

[ Continued in Full Post ]

After thorough search of the kitchen - all I found was onions and tomato. What the hell...!! What do I do with these? But with nothing else at hand, that's what I used. Made something like a stew / soup of tomato and onion. Though it didn't look good - it tasted great. :$ Maybe because I was damn hungry. Learnt my lesson - always keep some provisions in kitchen - atleast one Maggie pack.

Emergency ProvisionsSo, 1st thing on Sunday - I did some kitchen shopping, primarily some 'emergency' eatables; Maggie, Biscuits, chips. They could've lasted for a week. But, when the food is in kitchen - who's stopping me...?? :$ Half the provision is already consumed. It's still depleting as I write this. Go figure.

Ok, some more laughing stock for you. Last week we had a friendly mini 20-20 match with live commentary, own press coverage et al. :D The photographer was a little ameture and thanks to that, we got some really funny snaps. See two of them below. Click them to open in full size. Now, which one do you find more funny? Cast your opinion in the poll box.

Pic 1 : GuyPic 2 : Gal

Free photo prints from ZoomInOh, another high point of last week was the free color photo prints from ZoomIn. That really made my week. Every now and then I'm taking out the snaps from my closet and peering at them. I'm like a child who's got his 1st B'day gift. :) When everything is going digital, there are some things that are better in the conventional way. Just as a handwritten mail delivered to your doorstep is better than an email; a hardcopy photograph is better than a digital photo on your computer screen. And when you get it for free, what more can you ask for? So, if you want your digital photos to be printed for free, drop your email id as comment here [Click 'Leave a Reply' below]. I'll send you a referral link asap. You'll get 30 free prints for Rs28 [courier charges] if you use my referral link.

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