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I hate you 'D' | Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have you ever hated someone? Of 'course you have. But have you ever hated someone so much so that you start hating everything around him / her; to the extent of hating yourself when he / she is around you? I doubt it. I hate this gal 'D' more than all the hatred in the world put together. And every single moment - it keeps increasing. I hate her more than I love anyone. I had never imagined that I could loathe someone so much, that I can have such extremely heightened negative feeling for someone. It's like a hellfire burning the insides of me like a coal mine. When unleashed, it'd render everything around to ashes. But it hasn't always been like this.

[ Continued in Full Post]

When I first met this gal 'D' November last year, she appeared to be a cute innocent bubbly gal. She was a bit apprehensive, thus unapproachable at times. I took it to be a girly cautious attitude. To be honest, at one point of time, I was all smitten by her and used to think about her all day long. But that was short-lived. Slowly her darker side was surfacing. She is among those kind of gals who use their charm to manipulate others and get own work done. If you are of some use to her, she'll nicely flirt with you and cajole you into doing her work. Otherwise, she'll bitch about you on your back. Even that is quite a common attitude among gals. Where she outruns all other is - she's the most snobbish person I've ever seen. Once she doesn't have any use of you in near future, she'll publicly humiliate you for no reason. Or maybe, just to please own superior ego. :@

Know what .... I am just unable to describe her. Words fail to justify her image. She's the worst kind of creature deceiving everyone under cover of a gals soft skin. I came to know of her real side once we were out shopping for a gift. And later on, during a group-movie-outing. After those couple of bad experiences with her, I've been just neglecting her, as if she doesn't exist. Still, every site of her gets me enraged beyond means. So, avoiding her was the only thing I could do. That wasn't that difficult. Until now ...

Whole of this week I had to withstand her. Had to travel twice a day with her, stay late-nights with her and remain calm. That was hard. I just can't tell you how hard it is for me not to reach across and punch her on the face. With her around, I just suffocate. I feel like throwing and breaking things, shouting my lungs out, tearing things apart. So much so that I can even hurt / bleed myself. Ohhh, I'll give anything to see her writhing in pain. But I can't do it myself. I can't be a witch like her. She's a pro.

I know this all is giving her too much importance. But I really can't help it. She has this 'black-magic' effect on me. I loose all my sane senses and start boiling with anger and disgust. I wish she gets married soon and moves to some other city and lets me rest in peace. BtW, my heart felt consolation for the poor groom to be. He's doomed.


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  • Anonymous Nova says:
    Tue Oct 23, 03:35:00 PM  

    Wow! U really hate her dont you!!!!

    Lekin yeh maajra kya hai? Nafrat ko pyar me badalte suna tha lekin pyar ko nafrat me badalte pehli baar dekha hai!!!

    Maybe you hate her so much because, u wanted her to be a better person and it turned out just reverse?!??

    Khair chodo... uske baare me zyada mat socho...!! Even I have faced such ppl in life, though i must admit the intensity was a lot lesser...

    Waise, why dont u try talking to her? Just talk to her and find out what she thinks... Cold war se to acha hai, declare it open, so that u dont have to put up with her...!!!! top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Tue Oct 23, 06:21:00 PM  

    @ Nova - प्यार जब नफरत में बदलती है, तो ऐसा ही तूफ़ान आता है.
    :p There wasn't any pyar - vyar. I just kinda liked her. But now it's just hi-voltage hate.

    Talking to her is of no use. She'll think of it as 'मेरा जादू चल गया' and will become more nasty. I'm no longer putting up with her. It's Tit for Tat. top



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