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Bourne Ultimatum : Ultimate | Monday, October 15, 2007

Bourne Ultimatum Poster
The last week had been really tough on me. What with the Axis Bank CC problem, 10 grand fraud, Friends crossing the limit, et al. But apart from all these - last week I also saw some good movies. In fact, it was line-up of movies. Shrek 3, Doom, Vivah, Awarapan, Ghost Rider etc etc. But the best two movies were - Die Hard 4 and Bourne Ultimatum.

If you are a spy movie fanatic, you must MUST watch Bourne Ultimatum. This one is the best Bourne movie till date. Or should I say - best spy movie till date ...!! At least, it surely is the best I've seen. Bourne can easily make Bond run for his money. There are no flashing gadgets and Aston martin chase or hot bond babes here. Still the movie excels on its setup and crisp editing. You're in midst of action from the very first frame and almost all scenes keeps you on edge of your seat. You just can't control your adrenalin rush. By the end of the movie - U might walk out of the hall with all your nails chewed off. If you don't wanna spend your money on this [i.e, Rs 160 for the ticket], just drop me a mail. I'll take you to the movie on my expenses and pay for your tickets *. Don't miss this one.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

The best scene of the movie is the one after Neal Daniels' car is bombed ifo the bank in Tangier. It's a who's chasing whom setup - where the hunter becomes the hunted. CIA assassin Desh is given the task of killing Daniel, Nicky Parsons misguides him for a minute and her cover is blown, Desh assigned additional task of taking down Nicky & Bourne. After finishing off Daniel - Desh finds Nicky and is on her tail; meanwhile Bourne is on his tail. All this time, the police is chasing Bourne. This chase scene is much better and thrilling than any car chase scene in any spy movie. Nicky - sensing the trouble makes a run - dropping his cell components piece by piece on road - thus leaving her trail for Bourne to pick up. But the assassin is fast gaining up on her and she's cornered in an alley. Every fraction of second - I was praying "Nicky, please don't die. :# Bourne - get to her FAST. Get off - you jerk assassin" :@ . These scene is just so gripping. Weak hearts might just faint here.

Speaking of Nicky Parsons - played by Julia Stiles. She's just an eye-candy here. Though she lacks any expressions on face and needs some serious classes of acting - you never get bored of her. You never get enough of her and keep asking for more. She hardly moves her lips as if they are sewed together. Still they look so much irresistibly kissable. Through out the movie - she carries the same expression on her face - which is dampener to the movie but is a treat to the viewer. That round face, highlighted by flowing long hairs adoring her cheeks and curling n floating just above her shoulder, tiny sparks of fear in her twinkling eyes, gentle shaking voice - it all gives her a damsel in distress image. You just feel like reaching out, taking her in your arms and reassuring that everything will be alright. :$

One disappointment from this movie was the character of Pam Landy. She was the HERO of the movie last time around [ in Bourne Supremacy ]. But in this installment - she's reduced to a mere protesting figure - out of action. So, the few scenes where she outruns the boss - Noah - it just peps me up. Like the first scene where she zero's in on Neal Daniels. And the climax scene where she's caught by Noah with his confidential documents. But she's already faxed them and the tables are turned. "You'd better get yourself a good lawyer". Nerves of steel. Way to go, woman.

Movie ends with a desert. Ever since Nicky was sent off in hiding, I've been wondering whether I'll see more of her in this movie...!!! And sure I did. She was back at the climax but just for a few seconds - smiling at the news that Bourne's body has not been found in the river. She's cut her hairs short. So, I was kinda disappointed. Nonetheless, happy to see her one final time.

Press is calling this one the final of the series. But I guess it isn't. There's already 2 more books of this series - Bourne Legacy and Bourne Betrayal, last one released in India recently. So, there are surely gonna be future installments of the movie. Looking forward to them eagerly. For the time being, am reading Bourne Legacy, my first Bourne series read. Baffled to know that his wife Marie, shown killed in Goa, India in the 2nd movie - is still alive in the 4th book. But doesn't really matter to me. This movie series doesn't fail where most other 'novel made into movie' fails. Go watch it. Don't wait for the DVD to come out.
* This offer is only for single Pretty gals. ;)

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