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One year in office | Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One great day for me. Been waiting for this day for couple of months; but forgot all about it since last week. Then all of a sudden, remembered it this morning - that it's my 1st job's 1st anniversary. That is to say - I started my career at Ness Technologies last year on 27th Nov. And today, it marks the completion of 1 full year here. 1 yr experience - feels great, huh...!!

Actually had lot of things in mind for this day. But since I am in NightShift again, nothing could really materialize. So, SMSed Brajesh [who also had joined Ness with me] and some other close friends, sharing my joy with them. And mistakenly [or, mischievously ;) ] FWDed that to one of our HRs, Su..... also. And she replied back too. So, I asked her to arrange a tiny-winy cake-cutting ceremony for us; just like the Chocolate-mug that we get on our B'day. But since that's a pipeline process, she offered a pastry treat. Thought that's better than nothin.

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But when I reached office at evening and pinged her after finishing with my login rituals, she was already in a meeting. There goes my pastry.... :( There wasn't any 'congratulation' mail from HRD or manager. And even my manager didn't say anything after I told him that it's our anniversary. :( Maybe he was busy with some pressing issue. Anyways, our team-lead did congratulate us. And, my fresher days' mentor Ajay, whom we fondly call Guruji, mailed us. That felt nice.

And then, at around 10:30 PM, when I wasn't expecting it at all, I received one call from Su..... That was shockingly pleasant. You know, when you crib for something whole day, but you don't get it; and then suddenly it is given to you when you were least expecting it; it takes you to the 7th heaven. That's how I was feeling. Chalo, at least someone cared about this day, not just to do away with a duty. That itself made my day.

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