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Two week update | Friday, October 26, 2007

Last week I missed updating U with the updates of the week. Well, so this time U'r getting two week updates. Fasten your seat-belts.

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G@P v4.1 [RSS Feed | Email Updates ]

  • In India - the definition of Majority and Minority is literally opposite to their conventional meaning. Here 85% majority craves for the indulgence of the 15% minority. Minority is showered with perks while the so called majority is struggling to live. Who actually is in danger? Think about it - Secularism : Majority & Minority

  • Can you justify why Boxing and WWE are called a sport? Is there any sporting attitude involved? The fighters are in the ring to kill each other. Have you ever seen a boxing or WWE fight ending with the two sides shaking hands? - Boxing : is it a game?

  • One unusual weekend in Bangalore. Durga Puja, Bourne, weird cooking, funny snaps, Free stuff; catch all the action here - Weekend in Bangalore

  • Have you ever hated someone so much so that you start hating everything around him / her; to the extent of hating yourself when he / she is around you? This is height of hatred - I hate you 'D'

  • The best movie of this season and one of the best spy movies ever - Bourne 3. Watch out for some edge-of-the-seat moments from the movie - Bourne Ultimatum : Ultimate

iWizard [RSS Feed | Email Updates ]
  • Say, I come upon a random blog post and find it interesting. I leave my views there as comment. Now, I'd surely like to see how others react to my comment. But that was one hell of a job till now. Not any more. Check this - Email notification of Comment

Invincible [RSS Feed ]
This is the new place where I'm writing. I had recently redesigned this blog of my friend Ria who invited me to write there. So, another feather in my cap. ;) My maiden post there -
  • The latest movie in the making from the Dan Brown stable : Angel & Demons. Really. After 'Da Vinci Code' - expectations are high. - Angels & Demons : Movie in making.

That is all for this week. Check them if you haven't already. Didn't post anything new on other blogs this week. "This week update" post won't be there for next 2 weeks as I'm going on a home-trip on 1st Nov. Watch out for Best of October list on 31st Oct night.

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Have a great weekend. Take Care. :)


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