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BCB5 : Day 1 | Saturday, November 17, 2007

Its BCB day once again. 5th for Banglore, 2nd for me, something for which i always wait.

9:40 AM - I'm currently in auto on my way to the venue IIM. Am live blogging using my cell. Will keep updating this post in hours to come. Keep a watch here for the latest happenings. Chao.

10:20 AM - Have reached the venue and am waiting in queue for the registration. Not as much crowd as the last time.

11:30 AM - A session on social routing just got finished. Its kind of a demo of a upcoming site where users can provide others any route info they need. The project is still a baby, but surely is promising. Once this site is up, local travel in Banglore is gonna be hell lotsa easy. Waiting in L21 cluster for the next session - 'web design' to start.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

1:30 PM - Been sitting here for past one n half hour, disappointed. It didn't cover what I was expecting. Rather, it was too basic for me. Freezing in the full blown AC here. Lunch time now. Catch u later.

4:30 PM - First good thing about this edition of barcamp - lunch was good. Had a quick lunch, loitered around the notice board with others, then went back to the freezing L21 for bloggers' collective. This one felt like a repeat of last time. Same talk on monetizing blogs. Was getting bored. Had a sms chat with Dhivya. Then came down to the notice board area. Another couple of good surprises. Got hot coffee and mouthful snacks. That was exactly what I needed after coming out of that cold storage. :-) Then there was web quiz. And after that, the best part - tshirt distribution. So, those who had planned to come here on Sunday only to grab d tshirt, r gonna miss it tomorrow. ;-) Bad luck.
Anyway, am getting regular updates of latest sessions on my cell via sms. That's d koolest service BCB organizers have arranged. Lemme see what m i gonna attend next.

8 PM - Am back home right now. Last session I had attended was actually a fun discussion. Guys n Gals - myths n truths. Typically, a gender war kinda thing. Nonetheless, it was fun, may i say, best part of d day.

A real BARcamp was arranged after that. But it was already 6 pm and i had to head back home. That wasn't easy. I wasn't ready to pay another 80 bucks to auto. And finding bus route was a tough cookie. Had a rough ride back home. Am quite tired.Check for snaps on Tuesday.


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