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Is this love? | Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is one post that I found at Pensive of Deepak, one of the nicest blogger I've come across.

What is love? Love is a score of zero; It usually is in Tennis. But it happens in life too.

He fell in love with her at first sight. He didn't know why.
Was it her beauty? She was not very beautiful, so to speak. She was not too tall, had freckles, but had a very pleasant fair face and beautiful short hair.
Was it her attitude? I'd just say it was love at first sight. He hadn't even talked to her.
Was it some kind of crush/infatuation? I think not. Because this was a different kind of feeling.
He always felt the electric shock passing through his spine and ensnaring his body whenever he saw her face.
He always blushed visibly whenever she looked at him.
He always saw her in his dreams everyday after he first saw her.

One day he came back from office, he was in cloud nine. I saw the twinkle in his eyes. He said she spoke to him for the first time. I got excited and asked him about their conversation.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

"Well...I was walking through the pavement when she came walking opposite to me. I moved aside and let her pass as it was a bit narrow. She looked at me and said "Thank you". I saw her smile."
"So what? That was all."
"Holy cow! You just had the most romantic conversation ever."
"Yeah! Right! Get a grip, dude!"

The next day he came from office and claimed that she too seemed to be interested.
"I saw her blush when our eyes met."
I said, "That might be because she already has a rosy cheek. Remember? She has freckles.
"Or you might have blushed so much that your eyes were covered with blood and you saw everything red."
"Problem hai yaar. I've fallen in love with her."
"Then why don't you go and talk to her?"
"I'm afraid. I don't even know her. She's not even in my team. She just sits a few cubicles away from me. That's all. What if she is not interested?"
"You won't know until you ask."
"She always goes with her girl gang. I never get her alone."
"Look. You have to find a way yourself."
"This is not college. This is office for God's sake. I'm afraid of the repercussions."
"Is she showing some signs of interest? Or does she know at all?"
"I think she's interested. She kept looking at me at the cafe during lunch today, but I can't be sure, as there are hundreds of people in cafe during lunch time and she might be looking at anybody."
"You better forget about her. You are such a coward."
"I don't deny that. But I'm happy just by looking at her."

He doesn't follow her, because he doesn't believe in those concepts he sees in movies. Moreover, he doesn't want to force love out of her. How the hell will he get to talk to her? He doesn't care. All he cares about is that he loves her. Or he thinks he does. This really is perplexing because he never was shy towards girls or had any problem in talking with girls.

He is still in the starting line of the race with time. But he says races like this are not meant to be won.
Is this really love? I'm at a loss to answer.

Soooo heart warming, right?

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