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Weddings and Birthdays and More ... | Monday, December 03, 2007

Seems 2 - 3 December was a very important day, not just for me, but many other people. I myself know 4 such people. Two of them got married [ not to each other, :p ] and two others celebrated their B'days - their first in our company.

The 'best senior' Sibasis got married this Sunday. Sadly, we couldn't attend it :( as it was arranged in Orissa. Nonetheless, all of us wish the couple a wonderful & happy married life.

2nd to tie the knot was Deepti. That was today. Ohhh.... I wonder if at this very moment she's taking '7 phere' in Rajasthan... :$ Well, none of us could attend this one either, except for Brajesh. In a way, his presence there is the gift from us to the couple. :D

[ Continued in Full Post ]

And, it's B'day of couple of my friends. Well, technically, I can call 'em just acquaintance; 'coz I haven't met them personally. Just SMS, chat, mails and lunch time darshans. Well, guess I'll meet them someday. For the time being, wishing them a wonderful life ahead. Many many happy returns of the day Sunitha. Happy B'day Garima. :)

And ohhhh.... in all these gung-ho, I forgot to tell you about my special day. That was this Sunday. I went out on a shopping after a long time. That's technically correct, 'coz we guys don't consider cloth purchase as shopping. It's shopping only if it's got something to do with gadgets. So, this Sunday I went to SP road to buy upgrades for my 1st Love - my PC. ;) After a hell lot of running around in that mohalla, I finally had to settle for less than what I had in mind. Anyway, at the end of the day, these were in my possession -
  • 80GB Segate Baracuda HDD
    I actually had 300 GB in mind, but was told that my AMD board won't support more than 160GB. :( As I already had a 80GB HDD, got myself the remaining half.

  • 512MB DDR RAM
    Here too, had 2 GB in mind, but again, board won't support more than 1GB. Again, took the remaining half.
Creative Inspire 4.1

  • Creative Inspire 4.1
    Ahhhh. This is the koolest stuff that I laid my hands on. Awesome looks and mind-blowing sound. You gotta have atleast this if you're a music enthusiastic.

  • Logitech MM Keyboard
    My last KBD [iKey] was in ruins and no one other than me could type using it. So, had to find a replacement for it.

  • Sony 20x DVD writer
    I was long pining for a DVD writer. so, finally got myself one. Complement for not fulfilling the 300GB HDD desire. :)

  • 2GB Memory Stick Pro duo
    Another thing that I wanted to have for a long time. The 512MB card bundled with my w810i wasn't enough. It was already brimming with data. So, bought some extra space for it.

Well, all that's left now is a PC table. Really need to arrange all these things in a nice manner. Just made all the connection last night and fired the 4.1 in the highest volume I can manage at 2100 hrs. Ahhhh, the sound of muzix....

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  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Tue Dec 04, 11:37:00 AM  

    you guys are simply devotees of gadgets...tooo crazy! well, even girls are but we certainly cant match your over enthusiasm! :p
    and yes,cant comment on my own blog :) top



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