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Love Story - The Best | Friday, December 07, 2007

Love Story - Poster
Last week, while casually browsing through You Tube, I came across the video of a song from Love Story. It is aired on SAB TV at 9:30 PM - Monday to Thursday. Have heard a lot about it all these days and actually loved watching it when I was home for Diwali. Anurag Basu is its creative director, and apart from the script, songs are a big + point of this sitcom. So, when I found the video on youtube, I was thrilled to bits. And when I found all the episodes of it one by one, it was like finding the moon. Anyway, the best among all these was the following video -

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This is the best song ever composed for a sitcom. You'll start humming it within few seconds. And if you know the background of the song [ie, the circumstances of the song], you'll feel it playing within you. Check the lyrics -

Teri yaadein, mulaqatein, wo raatein, aur baatein;
Teri saanse, wo baahein, ub mujhko yaad aaye.
Tere bina mera jiya, sataaye kyu piya,
yaadon ne teri mujhpe, ye zaadu kiya re.

Teri saanse, wo baahein, ub mujhko yaad aaye.
Wo aadao, ki ghataaye, mere dil ko chhuu jaaye.
Pyari, ye duniya saari maine, hai tujhpe wari,
dilne, mere dilne tujhse yaari, ki baazi haari re.

Mere khayalo mei, (khayalo mei ....), bus tuum.
Meri Nigaho mei, (nigaho mei .....), bus tuum.
Waapas aa jao... mere paas, tum sadaa, waapas aa jao.
Mere paas, tum sadaa ....
Suuna, mera jahan, bhuula mai hu kaha, jana hai janeja, tera rahu...
Piyaaaaaa .................... (piyaaa.....) .........
wapas aa jao.
Mere paas, tum sadaa, wapas aa jao.
Mere paas, tum sadaa -
Piya tera ziya .... (Piya tera ziya...) .....
Piya tera ziya .... (Piya tera ziya...)
Tuuuu hai kahaaaa ....?

Tera karu intezar, tu mere dil ka karar,
Itna hai aitbar, maanunga naa mai bhi haar.

Simply touches my heart.

If you've seen the serial, you must be knowing the character of Akash, the hero of the serial. But more than him, I like Dev. He's more close to me than any other character portrayed ever on any media. Whenever he's sad and the 'Fir kissa wahi ho raha' plays in the background, I feel like crying alongside him and give him a hug.

For latest [6th Dec] episode of 'Love Story', check this - Watch TV. Use the search term 'Love Story' in the search bar at the top right corner for a full list of all available episodes. Do watch the serial - online or the conventional TV way.

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