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What did you do? | Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A very very happy new year to all of you and your family n friends. The occasion of new year is a little like the diwali festival when you wish your near and dear ones. Apart from this, I think the 'new year' celebration is always over the top, and uncalled for. Nonetheless, if this cheers people up, it's perfectly ok.

When you say 'Happy New Year' to someone, the very first thing after exchange of pleasantries is the question - "So, what did you do on 31st night?" There's no exception to this unwritten 'rule' and every single person follows it. So, before you ask me what I did this new year eve - here it is.

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We were allowed to leave office by 5PM. But I stayed back till 8 as all my friends were still in their offices. Still I was 1st person to reach home. Real party started post-10PM. We didn't go out to some 'new year spcl' party. Instead some 10 friends gathered at my place and hit the floor. That was followed by lavish dinner, chicks [as in, chicken actually], beer and rocking music. 11:45. It was time to prepare to burst into 2008. A huge box of crackers came handy. We all stepped into the new year with much spark and noise, thanks to the non-stop burst of crackers. After all of them were extinguished, we settled for movies. Couldn't find anything brand new; so watched 'F4 : Rise of silver surfer' and 'Die hard 4' - back to back. It was late night and with a huge headache - it was time to hit the sack.

1st Jan - the new day of the new year. I started with buying some new stuff and giving my flat a new look. It wasn't really planned to coincide with the new year day. The official holiday facilitated it. Took 3 snazzy cots and rearranged my room. Now, it no longer looks like a "extreme bachelors' den". ;) Things are much more organized now and due to proper placement of trolley, bags n stuffs - which were all strewn in the extra room ever since shifting here- we've got a brand new dining room. Isn't that great?

Next step was cataloging my DVD collection. Replaced all the thick DVD-cases with slick ones. That made a lot of extra space in my DVD carton to accommodate more DVDs. At last count, there are 100+ DVDs with 250+ movies. WOW. Even I was shocked and thrilled. Think I'll start something like my own SeventyMM service. :p

Ohhh, New Year resolution. Well, I never really make a 'New Year Resolution' 'coz they turn out to be worse than promises of politicians on election campaigns. After a month or so, all resolutions are forgotten.

Well, that was all for New Year celebration. When back in office this Wednesday - everything is back to normal again. Again that 11 - 6 routine job. Let's hope for something 'New' here. Anyways, lemme know how was it for you? What did you do on new year eve? Leave a comment and lemme know.

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