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Best of 2007 | Friday, January 11, 2008

Hi there. Sorry, I haven't been posting that often. I won't blame it on being busy. Actually, I've been a tad lazy lately. Though there were lots to write about, just didn't find enthu enough to sit and hammer the keyboard. That's how my end of year post never saw the daylight.

Anyways, as I was checking my feeds in netvibes this morning, I came across this post on Deepak's blog. And that got me interested in reviving the 'Best of 2007' post of my own. Ata-Boy Deepak. You influence me in more than one way. ;)

Ok Now, here's my list of 'Best 5' things of 2007.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

Best movies that I watched

  • Bourne Ultimatum. The best bourne / spy movie that I've ever seen. You won't get bored even for a single second. A detailed review here

  • 300. Surely one of the best 'graphic novel' adaption. Excellent look, action sequences and rock in the background. Must watch.

  • Die Hard 4. Frankly, I'm not a DieHard franchise and haven't scene any earlier installments either. But this movie made me buy the earlier part DVDs. Mind blowing action. And lots of tech talks too.

  • Resident Evil 3. Year of sequels, I guess. The best of RE series, till date. Some awesome zombie action. Much better than 'I am Legend'. Review of the two here and here

  • Life in a Metro. Truly an amazing movie. Depicts the life of Metro citizens as it is. FP Review

Another couple of movies that are worth a mention are Chak De India and Shoot 'em Up

Worst movies that I watched

I saw more crappy movies than good movies. So, picking out the worst 5 is harder than Best 5. Anyways, here they are -
  • No Smoking. Worst hindi movie I've ever seen. I was feeling like smacking my head on the monitor.

  • Gandhi My Father. Donno what critics saw in this movie. I just couldn't bear it. Got a huge headache by the end of it.

  • Cheeni Kum. Another acclaimed movie that I just hated. Even Nishabd was better than this. Atleast, Zia Khan was worth a watch. :p

  • Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Preity disappointed me big time. Senseless plot and not so 'happening' nach-gana.

  • Hostel 2. Hostel series is always over-rated. Just hated this one as well.

Some other big disappointments are - Harry Potter 5, Aaja Nachle, Bhool Bhulaiya etc. I know almost 60% people loved these movies, but they failed to impress me. HP5 was worst of all HP movies. Aaja Nachle wasn't worth Madhuri's comeback vehicle. And, Bhool Bhulaiya was complete hotchpotch for me. Attempting comdey, horror, suspense, musical - al at the same time had its cost.

Best Hindi Songs

  • Tum Se Hi [Jab We Met] - Amongst the best lovey-dovey song of all times.

  • Bol Naa Halke Halke [Jhoom Barabar Jhoom] - The only saving grace of that movie is this song. Hum along.

  • Ke Bin Tere [Aggar] - Mithoon's music rocks the chart, once again. Awesome lyrics. Sang with passion.

  • To Phir Aao [Aawarapan] - Great music. Similar to Atif Aslam genre.

  • Alvida [Metro] - Put all the passion of a heart-break and sing this song.

Best Applications [Desktop / Web]

  • Orkut / GTalk / Blogger. Grouped them all together as otherwise this list will become google dominated. They effected our lives like nothing else ever did.

  • Netvibes. Maintaining the feeds of different sites / blogs was never this easy.

  • VLC Media Player. The best media player there is. Plays all formats of media.

  • Picasa. Both the Desktop application and the web album. Made photo album management so easy.

  • Firefox - still rules the web scene, IE7 not-withstanding.

My Best Posts

This is what I can think of right now. Lemme know what was best in 2007 according to you. Leave your list as comment. Or mention just any one thing. NJoy. :)

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