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Month of May | Monday, May 10, 2010

Unhappy CoupleWell, it's the month of May and I'm going to be in nostalgic & melancholic mood through out this month. 'Coz everything good that happened in my life, happened - that's right - in May. And now that we are not together, all these dates haunt me, tease me.

Let's see...

Well, things didn't happen in exactly that order. The list is just date sorted. Her B'day went by. I didn't call her though. She doesn't need my wishes anymore. She's most probably found someone else to fulfill her needs. But anyway, wish her all the very best in life. :) Then today's the 3rd Anniversary of we bumping onto each other and starting a VicRia. [derived from the Hindi word for Reaction]. And as this is the year of 'No Birthday Celebrations', as she didn't call me on mine :( and I didn't call her on her's :( , my official B'day is also going to be 'came n gone'. Will feel terribly lonely on the 1st kiss :-k anniversary though. Still can feel her round face in the cup of my palms. Wanna feel that smell and taste again. :-4

[ Continued in Full Post ]

But, anyway... Moving on. Her 1st pic... I still have that in my cell. In fact, I have every single pic in my cell, that she sent me over these 3 years. Lucky that I get to see her now n then. Then there is the 3rd Anniversary of being a couple, officially. 'Officially' - 'coz we were already a couple, much before 26th May 2008. We were already calling each other Hubby n wifey. :-3 But we truly confessed on 26th. So, that's our love anniversary. That morning, she woke me up with a kiss. Over the phone, of-course.

This weekend I planned to write a 3 episode blog-book on my relation with her. 3 episodes encompassing 3 stages of our relation. Even took out pen paper to start the 1st episode. But realized that I don't have enough research material to draw the picture perfectly. All those were in my computer, of which, I have the Hard-drive left. So, I guess I'll have to wait till I buy that Laptop. Watch this space. Till then, you can read my last blog-book - "Marriage NOT made in heaven".

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