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@ Bangalore Barcamp 8 | Saturday, March 07, 2009

Hello there. I'm back to blogging after a long long break. There are couple of reasons for this hollow. First, there's been a clamp down on internet usage in office. So, cant access blogger from office. And secondly, been busy. So, you missed my post here or in any of my blogs for that matter.

Barcamp Bangalore 8

Anyway, am at Yahoo! India office right now. Am here to attend the Barcamp Bangalore 8. It couldn't have been at a better time. I had a pretty nasty fight with my girl. And we almost broke up. That happens quite often, as in all relationships. But this time it is more ugly. But it's no one's fault. She misunderstood somethings, so did I. Yeah, I'm in pain. But, no use crying my heart out. Being at home alone was diving me crazy. So, came here to take my mind off other things.

Second reason for being here is - free internet. :p . That too, on my laptop. That's what I like about Barcamps. We get to access internet for free. Ok, jokes apart - I get to blog after so long.

Thirdly, I barely go out on weekends. So, just wanted to be out of the house for a change.

Well, been here for 1 hours now. Sessions of my interest aren't happening yet. There's one session on 'Web Standards' between 3-4 PM. Am waiting for that. Will keep updating this post with updates as the day goes by. Watch this space.

1309 hrs : - Been seating at this table for couple hours now. Gonna go stand in queue for lunch now. Catch u later. C ya.

1425 hrs : Ok, lunch is over and I'm waiting for the clock to strike 3. In the meantime, My right wrist is hurting badly. RSI, I guess. BAD. And, here are couple of pictures that I took here.

1547 hrs : One thing I gotta say. BCB8 is noisy. The event is taking place in a large hall with 4 sessions being held in four corners. But, as is expected with halls, when filled with 100+ people; there's just too much noise. Can't hear a single word the presenter is saying. So, am just seating at my table and browsing away. Only reason I'm here right now is - free internet. :p [there i go again !]

1642 hrs: Now I'm bored to death. Staying here is becoming utterly painful. Got to get out of here ASAP. I'm getting out in half hour. One good thing that happened here today is - it kept my mind off my pain.

1707 hrs : Ok, I'm leaving now. Not sure whether I'll come for the day 2. M extremely bored. And now my shoulder is also paining. Got to rest a bit. Hasta La Vista.

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