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Survey for Episode 6 | Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hi there. I hope you people are liking the love-story series that I'm currently writing here. The numerous reader responses that I'm getting as comments, mails and GTalk pings are over-whelming. So, I thought why not involve my readers here...!!

So far, I've written 5 Episodes for the series "Marriage : 'Not' made in heaven". The lead couple found their true love, met each other, faced some hardship, took the plunge and finally arrived at Bangalore. But what next? That's gonna be in the Finale Episode. I have something in mind. But my partner doesn't quite like my idea. :$ So, why not check what you people think?

Hope you've already read the last five episodes. If not, check the links below. And then take the survey. I'll write the story of the final episode based on what most of the respondents suggest. The names of those respondents will also be published here, to give them due credit.

Previously in the Series :


To open the survey in a new, full window page, Click This.

The survey closes on 31st August 2008 at 11:59 PM. Respond before that and. be a part of the series. Ohhh, did I tell you that I'll roll out the whole series as a PDF book later on and all the respondents will be credited there as well. So, keep posting your views here.
Survey duration increased by another month. So, you can still post your views. Now the survey ends on 30th September at 11:59 PM.

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  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Mon Aug 18, 05:59:00 PM  

    Hi. So far, 12 people have responded to this survey. 1st person was "Wont want to Disclose". :P Then there are - Henna Koshi, Anu Gupta, Mansi Gupta, Praneeth N, Neha Sardesai, Prateek, Shrinivas, Deepti, Nisha Pathak, Prats and Sheila. Thank you all.

    Keep posting your views and expectations here. I luv getting feedback from you. top



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