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Marriage : 'Not' made in heaven | Monday, July 14, 2008

Episode 5 : Beginning 'Rest of our Lives'

Couple Roadmap
We had two options. One - Fly out of her city, directly to Bangalore. Fastest way of getting out of immediate repercussion from her parent side and start the 'rest of our lives' in Bangalore. Second - Start the 'rest of our lives' from her city itself, immediately. We arrived at the same decision at the same time. We'd been separated all these years since our birth. We can't delay our life by another 3:30 hrs. Let the good times begin.

We booked our seats in the 1st available Volvo going out of city towards MP. It was leaving in an hour. We visited this siddhi-vinayak temple near the bus-depo. Even though I'm not much into religions, getting to seek Siddhi-Vinayak's blessings at the beginning of our journey felt like a good omen. We stood there in front of the idol, together as a couple. The ambiance of the temple, the smell of flowers n 'agarbattis', the jingle of bells and most of all, her presence beside me - made me feel like 'in heaven'. I was 'at peace'. When she was praying to the lord, I was spell-bound by the calmness n glow on her face. She's soooo beautiful. She sensed my eyes roaming on her face and gave me a 'stop-staring-at-me-and-pray-to-the-lord' look. I was spell-bound and couldn't disobey her. Still my gaze was constantly shifting between her n the idol. I prayed for a life of togetherness with her. When she finished her prayers and opened her eyes and looked at me, she had the brightest smile on her face. She took my hand and held it really hard. I half hugged her with my right hand and stepped out of the temple.

When the bus started its journey, she looked out of the window and kept looking till the bus crossed the 'Welcome to *******' gate. She was taking in the memoirs of her city. Maybe she wasn't sure when she'll get to see these all again. After-all, it was her unofficial 'bidai' that day. I could see a tiny bead of tear in the corner of her eyes. I wanted to wipe those tears and take her in my embrace. But then I thought it was her little personal moment and everyone deserves a little time in such a situation. When she was done, she rested her head on my chest, without saying a word. I gave her support of my arms, kissed her hairs, whispered 'I love You, Honey' and closed my eyes.

[ Continued in Full Post ]

It's been half hour since we reached MP. She was asleep with her head resting on my shoulder. I didn't want to wake up my sleeping beauty. she was sleeping like a baby.I ran my fingers through her hairs and was looking at her closed eyes. I had this urge to kiss her eyelids. But then she opened her eyes very slowly and our eyes met. The tiny hint of a smile on her lips was looking so cute. 'Good Morning, sunshine'. Kissed her on cheeks instead. :) After she had freshen up, we alighted from the bus. Our 1st stop - MP.

We took our 1st lunch together at a local dhaba. Not a fancy restaurant and all that glitz. We sat on the 'charpayi' and had a normal meal, followed by a glassful of lassi that we shared. But still it was so romantic. Through out the course, we kept looking at each other, giggling. Often some food would spill out of my mouth due to the giggling and she'd smirk. Then she'd make me eat the next few times from her hands. That was very sweet. So, I'd deliberately spill food and make her do that again. She understood what I was doing but still fed me with her hands. Well, I fed her too and each time she'd brush her lips on my fingers. She even bit my fingers twice. Hmmm.

A caravan of farmers / traders was heading towards Amravati. We had better means to reach there but she chose to travel this way; as we'd get more 'fun time together'. We sat on a heap of hay in one of the tractors. As the caravan begun, we lay there next to each other and watched the white clouds falling behind. I shifted to my side, lifted my head and looked at her. She was looking so beautiful in the evening light. I was again running my fingers through her hairs, touching her ears, caressing her cheeks; all the while looking deep into her eyes. She was getting more n more silent, her skin getting warmer. Don't know if her eyes were attracting me or did she really pull me towards her, our faces were at a distance of few centimeters now.
Couple KissingI could feel her breath running down my face. Her body was shivering in my embrace. Her eyes were shining like a thousand stars. And her lips were quivering. I saw a few dew drops sparkling on her lips and felt bewitched. I touched her lips with my thumb. They were very very soft. Her whole body shivered. Then she lifted her head just a bit and I traversed rest of the distance. I gently touched her lips with mine and kissed her. She held my head with both her hands and pulled me deeper. We both kissed each other passionately for couple of minutes. Nothing else seemed to matter. When we let go to catch our breath, we looked into each others eyes like we've never seen before. I kissed her again - long, deep, wet n warm. Our 1st lip kiss. The best moment of my life so far.

Couple ShoppingI took her in my arms and she wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her forehead and she let out a soft moan. Every little noise that she made, drove me crazy and I held her even tighter. Everything in the way was so beautiful. The clear blue sky, the west-bound sun, the cool breeze, the mustard field, the river, kids playing on the village road, ladies carrying pots of water - everything was sooo soothing. This was our real India Tour. By dinner time, we had reached Amravati. We hit the local market soon, as suggested by our ride. We held hands and just roamed the market. I found a real cute n beautiful bracelet for her. It looked even better on her wrist. She liked it too and kept playing with the beads. And I got a peck on my cheek in return. It wasn't supposed to happen but my cheeks and nose-tip turned red. I was blushing...!! Gaus, where do I hide?

There was a bus leaving for Mumbai shortly. But we both decided that it's better to take rest for the night. We checked into a posh hotel. At the desk she registered herself as my wife, to avoid any suspicion & unwanted questions. When she pronounced her name with my surname, I felt this rush of emotions. I was happy beyond all measures. I couldn't hear what else she said at the desk. I wanted to hug her then n there. I barely managed to contain myself. But not for long. I just followed her into the room and as soon as the room-service left us, I instantly hugged her tight. Seems she also had this rush since the front-desk. She held me even tighter. And maybe we let out a tear-drop or two. 'Coz for a moment there, my vision went blurry. I made her sit on the couch, went down on my knees and rested my head in her lap. She played with my hairs very nicely, and kissed my temple. That felt very sweet. My future wife. My gaze went to the bed. Double-Bed. What....!! 'DOUBLE BED'. She had booked a double-bed room. Then my gaze came back to the couch. Damn. I'd have to sleep on the couch.

I prepared the bed for her and picked up my pillow & sheets for my night-out on couch. As I headed towards my 'couch-cum-bed', she gave me a puzzled 'what-on-earth-are-you-doing' look. I didn't know what to say. She took my stuff out of my hands, threw them on the bed, looked me in the eyes and said "I LOVE you, I trust you and I'm not afraid of you. You can sleep on the same bed. Don't behave like a stranger with me". After a little debate, I had to give in, as she threatened to sleep on couch. We ordered our dinner and had it delivered in the room. Another round of feeding each other followed. This time it was more spontaneous and intimate. The touch of her lips on my fingers felt so sensuous. After dinner, we sat on the bed, my back against the wall and she in my arms. We looked back at the past two days. All the lovely moments that we spent together, hand in hand. We talked till late night. She needed to sleep now. My angel was tired.

We lay next to each other for the second time that day, this time on a proper bed and just two of us. I was wondering if she did this just out of courtesy or to show her trust in me or something else. She was just looking at my face, eyes half closed, as if drifting into sleep. I was trying to read her face. But I couldn't find anything. Instead she read my thoughts. She flashed another magnificent smile, placed her palm on my cheek, kissed the other cheek and then kissed me very softly on my lips. Wow, I was also drifting into sleep. Was I already dreaming? I kissed her back. 'Good night. Sleep well, Darling' - she said to me and slept in my arms. I kept looking at her. The most beautiful angel was sleeping so peacefully in my embrace. All my dreams had come true. Slowly, I was also asleep. After all-day-fun, the body needed some rest.

Next morning, when I woke up, she wasn't there beside me. And, where am I anyway? For a minute there, I couldn't remember what has happened in the past couple days. Was it all a dream? It can't be. Can it? Then she walked into the room, with a tea-tray in hand, which she placed on the bed-side table and sat next to me. She kissed me again [guess where] 'Good Morning, baby'. Wow. The best way to wake up every morning. I took her in my arms and pulled her onto the bed. She lay below me and was trying to get free. As I brought my face closer to her to kiss, she gasped and pushed me away. 'Ish. Go brush first. Dirty Boy'. I made a sad face and descended from the bed. Just then she hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. For a moment there, I felt lightning bolt running through my whole body. I turned around and hugged her tight.

We came to Mumbai on the next bus. After taking rest for an hour, we went to Marine Drive, Chaupati, Gateway of India etc. Saw the Arabian Sea (any sea for that matter) for the 1st time. I was amazed at the vastness of the water-body and was thinking about typical hindi love songs. Like - 'Sagar ki gehrayi se gehra hai apna pyar' [my love has more depth than sea]. I was wondering how can something be deeper than this vast ocean? I guess I wanted to ask her this. But when I looked at her, I knew those lyricist aren't totally mad. Walking on the beach at sunset with her hands in mine was great. The brick-red sky, mild roar of the ocean, the waves lapping up our feet - everything was soooo romantic. We vowed to be together for the 'rest of our lives' in front of the setting sun.
Couple at Beach

We took the night train from VT Station for Bangalore; our Final destination. As usual, we talked till late night. This time, we didn't need to share bed [berth, actually] as a single berth wasn't enough for two people. ;) So, Good Night kiss, Mmwwaah Hug and two berths facing each other. That was the night on train. Next morning we both were excited like anything. After all, by that evening we were going to be at home. OUR home. We both were smiling, giggling n stuff. After freshening up, she took out a bag of Lays chips for break-fast. That's her one childish habit which I really don't like. She eats junk-food for breakfast. I mean, come'on. Eat something healthy, baby. I took away that bag and offered a bread-butter toast instead. She made this innocent kid face who is forced to do something that she doesn't wanna do. Huh. I'm not falling for this. You got to eat healthy. She didn't say anything and finished her toast. After we were finished with the breakfast, she said - 'Now, my turn'. This time she took out a cake box, picked one cake slice, put half in her mouth and offered me the second half. Though the curtains were drawn, I checked to make sure no one was snooping. Then I came close to her, took a quarter portion in my mouth and begun chewing my way in. In some time, I had claimed my half of the cake and my lips were caressing her lips. At the end, donno who got which half of the cake but we ended up kissing each other madly. The chocolate cake added to the flavor. Not a big difference though. Her lips are anyway always delicious. :) The best dessert in the world, patented for me.

Towards the eve when we were about to reach Bangalore, I was standing near the gate to watch the fields and stuff. But she won't let me stand 'so dangerously' near the open gate. No matter how much I cajoled her, she kept pulling me into the coupe. Finally I had to give in. I was slightly irritated as I didn't get to see the scenery. But then I felt really good too, that she was actually worried about me and was taking care of me. Anyway, we finally reached Bangalore around 7PM. She was excited like a baby. She was talking and chirping and laughing and everything. I got off the train first, unloaded the baggage and .... when she was getting down, took her right hand in mine and helped her alight the train. Felt like receiving my princess in my kingdom. :) Welcome, my princess.

Took a cab from the station and reached my home directly. On the way, she was constantly looking out of the cab window, taking in the view of the new city. She was here for the 1st time in her life. And, I was just looking at her excited n happy face. We both were lost in this activity and lost account of when we reached our home. The driver had to call out 'Sir, we've reached' twice to get our attention. Ohhhh. Finally. I unloaded the baggage once again, took her bags myself, [ no mistake this time. :P ] took her out of the cab and headed towards OUR home. And Opened the main entrance. We both stood there, perplexed, for quite some time. It was a big moment for both of us. The she said "Let's get in. I'll take right foot-step first to make this moment auspicious". I looked into her eyes with all the love in the world and said - "There's better way of doing this". She gave me another puzzled 'like-what?' look. I placed my right hand on her waist as if to hug her. Then with my other hand, swept her off her feet. She was frightened for a moment but then was very thrilled. She placed her arms around my neck and held me tight. And I carried my princess in my arms into OUR HOME.

Couple in Love

[ To Be Continued ... ]

Previously in the Series :

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Thu Jul 17, 04:37:00 PM  

    hi ! your posts are amazing, very beautifully written.this whole love and marriage concept is really touchy.actually had a fight with my bf y'day, and i thought that we'll never be together but then,i mailed this link to him...to show him how much you love and care for your gf,he realized his mistake. he was very happy n touched after reading it, he called me and said sorry..your posts did wonder to my love life. waiting for the next part. top

  • Blogger Priyanka Khot says:
    Fri Jul 18, 10:51:00 PM  

    Too good...

    is this ur life story...

    i am actually convinced that it is... n if b chance its not...

    I sincerely pray that your story has this nice an end... [:)] top

  • Blogger Vicky says:
    Tue Jul 22, 07:56:00 PM  

    @ Anonymous : It feels really really great to know that my writings did something that wonderful. Wish U a very happy life ahead.

    @ Priyanka : Well, Episode 1 was somewhat close to my life. After that, it's fiction; things that me n my gal build up. Thanks for the wish. We can use all the good wishes that we get. top

  • Blogger RIA SHAH says:
    Tue Aug 05, 07:41:00 PM  

    this series is WOW.. :) top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says:
    Fri Aug 08, 12:37:00 AM  

    Man, this is awesome! I haven't read a good story since "I'm a Girl in an All Boys Boarding School." That was like 3 years ago. This is great keep it up. By the way what inspired you to write this? You don't have to answer just a question of curiosity. top



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